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Product code F07
Product Type Splint F
Material Alloy
the size 3x40x2700 mm
Specification 50 bars/box
Standard CL
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Decorative aluminum brace F07 Made from high quality aluminum alloy, long lasting, no warping, cracking, etc. Aluminum alloy is a lightweight material, easy to construct and install, helping to save time and costs. That's why the F07 splint accessory is increasingly popular with many superior features. Below are detailed information about this product.

Technical specifications of decorative brace F07

Impressive F07 brace accessory with mysterious black wood tones. The detailed technical specifications of the product are:

  • Product code: F07
  • Product type: F brace
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions: 3x40x2700 mm
  • Specification: 50 bars/box
  • Standard: CL.

In particular, the length of 2700 mm is a highly appreciated feature suitable for many usage locations, minimizing joints when installing accessories in large-area projects. Packaging in 50 bars/box also makes it convenient for transportation and storage.

Why is the F07 brace favored by many users?

The main use of aluminum splint F07 is to finish the floor and create decorative highlights in solid-colored wooden floor projects to enhance the aesthetics of the space. Products are increasingly popular and loved due to many factors such as:

  • High aesthetics: Black wood grain color is one of the popular decorative colors today. Black brings elegance, sophistication and modernity to the space. F07 decorative aluminum splint with black wood grain can be used to decorate many different positions in the house.
  • Long-term durability: Mainly composed of aluminum alloy, the F07 brace possesses all the outstanding features of this material. Typically, it is highly durable, difficult to corrode, solid, good bearing capacity, does not crack during use,...
  • Easy to install: F07 decorative brace accessories are relatively light in weight. This factor makes the transportation and installation process easy. In addition, the product also has a reasonable price, is easy to clean, and meets the needs of the majority of users.


General, F07 decorative aluminum splint with black wood grain is an interior accessory product commonly used in construction projects, houses, offices, etc. The product has a modern, sophisticated design with luxurious black wood grain color, making it a perfect choice. Perfect for those who are looking for a quality, durable and luxurious interior accessory product.

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