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Product code F109
Product Type Splint F
Material Alloy
the size 3x40x2700 mm
Specification 50 bars/box
Standard CL
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Decorative aluminum brace F109 Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, highly durable, non-oxidizing and highly aesthetic. Below is detailed information about the product that you may be interested in.

Detailed specifications

F109 brace is a popular line of interior decoration accessories, featuring eye-catching colors and easily compatible with many decorative styles. Below are the product specifications.

  • Product code: F109
  • Product type: F brace
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions: 3x40x2700 mm
  • Specification: 50 bars/box
  • Standard: CL.

Outstanding advantages

F109 decorative aluminum brace has many of the following outstanding advantages:

  • High durability: F109 brace is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, has high durability, does not oxidize, and can withstand environmental impacts.
  • Waterproof, anti-mold: The brace is waterproof, anti-mold, helping to protect the floor for a long time.
  • High aesthetics: F109 brace has a unique F shape and impressive color, bringing luxurious and modern beauty to the interior space.
  • Easy to construct: The product has standard sizes, is easy to construct and transport.

Application of decorative brace F109

F109 decorative aluminum splint is designed with the main purpose of finishing and beautifying the edge of the floor. F109 brace helps create a clear and sharp border between the floor and other components of the interior space, typically the wall. Not only is it a decorative part, it is also responsible for waterproofing and protecting the floor edge from environmental impacts.


F109 aluminum alloy brace is a popular choice for finishing and protecting floor edges. With its beautiful design and impact resistance, it not only increases aesthetics but also protects the floor from external impacts. Quick and easy installation makes this accessory an effective and convenient solution for interior spaces.

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