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Product code F110
Product Type Splint F
Material Alloy
the size 3x40x2700 mm
Specification 50 bars/box
Standard CL
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Kosmos F F110 aluminum splint is a unique and effective solution for finishing and protecting the contours of floors made of plastic and wooden boards. With a convenient F-shaped design, the product not only brings stability to the border of the floor but also creates an aesthetic and sophisticated highlight for the decorative space.


Parameter Value
Product code F110
Product Type Splint F
Material Aluminum alloy
the size 3x40x2700 mm
Specification 50 bars/box
Standard CL

Why use F braces for interior space?

F F110 aluminum brace is an interior decoration product commonly used in residential projects, offices, hotels, etc. The brace brings many benefits to interior spaces, including:

Finish the end of the floor:

  • F-shaped aluminum braces are specially designed to be installed at the end of plastic or wooden floors, creating a beautiful and sturdy decorative result.

Replacing baseboard wool:

  • One of the important uses of F-shaped braces is to replace traditional skirting boards. This not only brings convenience during installation but also creates a subtle aesthetic highlight.

Completing the floor intersection:

  • When there is an intersection between floorboards, the aluminum F-shaped brace helps create a clear dividing line, highlighting the movement area and bringing perfection to each part of the space.

Floor protection:

  • Aluminum splints not only bring beauty but also protect the floor's borders from external influences such as dirt and moisture.

Note when constructing

To construct the F110 aluminum F brace, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Prepare the construction surface: Floor and wall surfaces need to be clean, dry, and free of peeling before applying splints.
  • Choose the appropriate type of glue: You should choose a specialized glue for aluminum braces to ensure the brace is securely fixed.
  • Correct construction process: You need to install the splint according to the correct process to ensure the splint is installed in the correct position and beautifully.

F-shaped aluminum brace F110 is an interior decoration product that brings many benefits to the space. The brace is suitable for many different interior design styles. You can choose F F110 aluminum brace to create accents, protect edges and hide gaps in your interior space.

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