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Product code F8-1230
Product Type Splint F
Material Plastic
the size 13.6 28 x x 2700mm
Uses Mount the floor end point 12mm
Standard CL
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Plastic F brace F8-1230-12mm Dark brown is an extremely effective line of floor finishing accessories, helping to hide defects of wooden floors, plastic floors, tile floors, etc. at the finishing points, creating seamlessness and synchronization for the overall space. . The information below will help readers have a more general overview of this product

Detailed specifications

The detailed parameters of the F-shaped brace product F8-1230-12mm are:

  • Product code: F8-1230
  • Product type: F brace
  • Plastic material
  • Dimensions: 13.6 x 28 x 2700mm
  • Uses: Install 12mm floor end points
  • Standard: CL.

Structure of F8-1230-12mm brace accessory, dark brown color

Plastic F brace F8-1230-12mm is used at the ending points, creating seamlessness and uniformity for the overall space. The product also helps protect the floor from external environmental impacts, increasing the life of the floor because it is made up of sturdy layers such as:

  • Surface protection layer
  • Imitation wood grain layer
  • German Kleiberit Glue
  • PVC base layer.

Outstanding advantages of the F8-1230-12mm brace

The product has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • High-quality, durable plastic material: This accessory is made from virgin PVC material with a long lifespan, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and good bearing capacity. The product is also resistant to corrosion and does not warp or deform during use.
  • Exquisite colors suitable for many design styles: The product has a modern, luxurious dark brown color, suitable for many different interior design styles. Dark brown also helps enhance the beauty of wooden floors, plastic floors, tile floors,... creating a feeling of closeness to nature.
  • Easy to install: F8-1230-12mm plastic splint accessory has standard size and light weight, easy to cut, peel and install.


Plastic brace F8-1230-12mm dark brown It is a versatile interior decoration accessory, suitable for many different design styles such as: modern, classic, minimalist, etc. If you are looking for accessories to decorate the floor as well as create a highlight. living space, don't miss this product!

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