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Product code F8-1437
Product Type Splint F
Material Plastic
the size 9.6 28 x x 2700mm
Uses Mount the floor end point 8mm
Standard CL
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Plastic F brace F8-1437-8mm imitation wood is the perfect line of decorative accessories for decorating and completing interior projects. With outstanding features and sophisticated design, this F brace not only brings high beauty but also ensures convenience and durability over time.

Detailed technical specifications of plastic brace F8-1437-8mm

Plastic F splint F8-1437-8mm is a splint used to finish 8mm thick wooden and plastic floor panels, shaped like the letter F when viewed from above, with the splint leg installed on the surface of the material and the Brace ends are used to cover gaps or transition points between two materials. Notable specifications include:

  • Product code: F8-1437
  • Product type: F brace
  • Plastic material
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 28 x 2700mm
  • Uses: Install 8mm floor end points
  • Standard: CL.

Structure of decorative brace F8-1437-8mm

Plastic F brace F8-1437-8mm stands out with highly aesthetic natural wood imitation motifs, structural features of the brace include the following layers:

  • Surface protection layer: Transparent coating to limit scratches and protect the brace.
  • Decorative layer: Colored film layer printed with imitation wood motifs, creating a unique and luxurious beauty for the product.
  • German Kleiberit adhesive layer: Firmly connects the structural layers of the brace, improving product durability.
  • Plastic base: Made from good quality virgin PVC, making the product highly durable and ensuring stability during use.


Product Plastic F-shaped brace F8-1437-8mm not only protects the floor edges but also creates a decorative highlight for the space. With a waterproof plastic surface, easy to clean and preserve, helping the product always maintain its original beauty. If you are looking for accessories to decorate your interior space, don't miss this product!

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