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Product code F8-1439
Product Type Splint F
Material Plastic
the size 9.6 28 x x 2700mm
Uses Mount the floor end point 8mm
Standard CL
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Plastic F brace F8-1439-8mm orange brown is a type of plastic clip used to install 8mm floor termination points. The brace is made from virgin PVC material with high durability, good strength and waterproof. The following is detailed information about this product.


Plastic F brace F8-1439-8mm in orange-brown color has the main uses of installing 8mm floor ends, protecting wooden floor edges from scratches, creating highlights for wooden floors and enhancing the aesthetics of interior space. Detailed parameters of accessories include:

  • Product code: F8-1439
  • Product type: F brace
  • Plastic material
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 28 x 2700mm
  • Uses: Install 8mm floor end points
  • Standard: CL.

Structure of brace F8-1439-8mm

The product is composed of many layers including:

  • Surface protection layer
  • Imitation wood grain layer
  • German Kleiberit Glue
  • PVC base layer.

Plastic F brace F8-1439-8mm has a luxurious orange-brown color, suitable for many different interior styles. The orange-brown color of the brace creates a warm, cozy feeling, helping the space become more luxurious and modern.

Note when using plastic brace F8-1439-8mm to imitate wood

When using the F8-1439-8mm plastic F brace that imitates orange-brown wood, we need to note the following:

  • You should use splints of a size appropriate to the thickness of the wooden floor.
  • You should use splints with colors similar to the color of the wooden floor to create harmony.
  • The splint should be applied when the wooden floor is completely installed.

Plastic F brace F8-1439-8mm, orange brown wood imitation is a quality product, with many outstanding advantages. This is the ideal choice for installing 8mm floor ends, helping to protect wooden floor edges from scratches and creating a highlight for the project.

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