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Champagne color
Champagne color
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Color Yellow
Product Type Aluminum alloy H groove brace
Uses Connect the grooved plate to create a line
the size 11.6 8.5 x x 3000mm
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Cross section of H-slot H12 brace
Cross section of H-slot H12 brace

H12 groove brace accessories is a type of accessory used to connect bamboo charcoal panels together. The brace is H-shaped, made from high-quality aluminum alloy, has high durability, does not oxidize or warp during use.

Outstanding features

H12 groove brace is a type of H brace, possessing many outstanding features so it is extremely popular with customers:

  • Color: Available in various colors such as gold, black, champagne.
  • Uses: H12 groove splint is used to connect the panels together, forming a seamless, uniform whole. At the same time, the deep groove will create a 3D effect that is extremely eye-catching
  • The product is long so it is very convenient to join without having to cut: The brace has dimensions of 11.6 x 8.5 x 3000mm.

Benefits of using H12 groove splint accessories

The benefits you will receive when using H12 groove splints for your bamboo charcoal cladding project include:

  • Increase aesthetics: H12 groove splint helps create highlights for wall and ceiling cladding projects. The brace has a variety of colors, helping customers easily choose the color that suits their design style.
  • Increased durability: H12 groove brace is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, has high durability, does not oxidize or warp during use.
  • Increase safety: H12 groove splint helps cover gaps between panels, preventing dirt and insects from entering.

The main function of the H12 groove splint is to connect the panels together, this creates soft and precise intersection lines, highlighting the characteristics of the panels. H12 groove splint accessory is an important product in wall and ceiling cladding construction. The brace helps increase the aesthetics, durability and safety of bamboo charcoal panel cladding projects.

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