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Champagne color
Champagne color
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Color Yellow
Product Type Aluminum alloy brace
Uses Finish the corner, make the inner corner
the size 16.4 8.5 x x 3000mm
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Corner end splint section
Corner end splint section

KTG corner end brace is a high-quality aluminum alloy splint product, used to complete corners in decorative projects from bamboo charcoal panels. The brace is made from quality aluminum alloy so the product is highly durable, corrosion resistant, and has good strength.


The end brace has the following typical specifications:

  • Color: Gold, black, champagne
  • Product Type: Aluminum alloy brace
  • Size: 16.4 8.5 x x 3000mm

Advantages of corner braces in KTG

KTG end braces possess many outstanding advantages, helping the construction work to be perfect and achieve the most perfect beauty.

  • Durable.
  • Anti-corrosion and good strength.
  • Luxurious and sophisticated colors with 3 colors: yellow, black, champagne.
  • Easy to construct and install.

Application of KTG brace

KTG internal corner end braces are widely used in construction and interior projects, especially for internal corner cladding of bamboo charcoal panels. You can fold the corner of the two panels and use KTG braces, which will be very reasonable, creating a highlight for the corner of the wall. Not only does it meet aesthetic criteria, but it is also a safe choice for decorating and protecting the corners of bamboo charcoal panel projects.

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