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Alloy brackets – Ideal accessories in interior decoration

Alloy brace is a popular accessory line in the field of interior decoration, used to cover the joints between wall panels, ceiling tiles or floors, etc. Please follow the following article to better understand this accessory. Please!


What is an alloy brace?

Alloy splints are accessories whose main components are alloys used to protect and decorate the edges, joints, and ends of plastic wall panels, ceiling tiles, or floors and walls. . Using this type of decorative brace will help protect the surface of the panels, avoid collisions at the edges of the wall and at the same time increase the aesthetics of the living space.

Decorative alloy brace
Decorative alloy brace

Currently, there are many types of metal alloy braces such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, zinc alloy, etc. In which, the most popular and widely used is the aluminum alloy brace, also known as the aluminum alloy brace for short. aluminum brace. This accessory is long-lasting, resistant to corrosion and has a high aesthetic value.

Besides, aluminum braces are also reasonably priced, suitable for many customers. At the same time, they are quite light in weight so installation and disassembly are quite simple. Construction workers do not need to use special tools.


The most popular alloy brace lines

There are many different types of alloy braces on the market today. Each type of brace has its own use, so it will be installed in different locations. Below is a table of information on the most popular aluminum braces.

Splint Type Installation location Uses Illustration
V-shaped brace At right angles like the edge of a wall – Cover sharp corners – Limit impact – Protect walls, panels,.
Splint T8 At the gap, the joint connecting the material sheets – Linking material panels – Creating accents for living space
H-shaped brace In the gap between the sheets of material or between the floor and the wall – Create accents for space – Link, protect material panels
End brace At the end of the floor to the wall or the edge of the floor to the door – Limit the peeling of the floor – Protect the corners – Create accents for living space
Inner corner brace At the right angle inside the material panels, the angle that ends the floor with the base of the wall – Cover gaps, corners between material sheets – Create accents in decoration
Outer corner brace At right angles outside the sheets of material – Limit impact, protect material edges – Increase aesthetics in design
Splint F At the end of the floor and wall edges – Cover the gap between the wall and the floor – Increase the aesthetics of the space

How to choose alloy braces used for interior works

In general, alloy braces are very diverse in design. So how to choose the right brace? You can refer to the ways pigs choose splint accessories below:


First, you need to determine the purpose of using the brace to choose the right brace accessory. If you want to cover the end edge of the floor, you should choose the end brace, F brace, etc. When you want to protect the edges of the wall or the corners between the material sheets, the V brace, inner corner brace, … is the most suitable.

Please take a look at the close-up video of how to install braces for laminate flooring below!

Style, color

Currently, alloy brace accessories are mostly available in different colors. You should rely on the design style to choose the appropriate color and style brace. For example, the main tone of your home space is a light color, then you should choose a bright color brace to ensure the aesthetics of the design.

Features of alloy brace

Features are also a factor you need to consider when choosing splint accessories. For example, if you want to use splints for wet areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, etc., prioritize splints with anti-slip features to ensure safety during movement.

The article introduced readers to information about alloy brace as well as how to choose the right type of brace when needed. If you have more questions about this line of interior decoration accessories, please contact Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company or contact here.

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