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Mirror yellow color
Mirror white color
Color Mirror yellow color
Product Type Stainless steel brace
Length 3000 mm
  • Describe

U-shaped brace U10X10X10 is a decorative brace made from 201 stainless steel, has a U shape with dimensions of length 3000mm, width 10mm, height 10mm. The brace has a mirror yellow color, shiny and luxurious surface with many superior features.

Detailed specifications

201 stainless steel splint has high durability, good bearing capacity, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and is less susceptible to oxidation in the natural environment. Below are the product specifications

  • Color: Mirror yellow
  • Product type: Stainless steel brace
  • Length: 3000mm.

Luxurious mirror gold color, shiny surface, bringing modern beauty to the project. The current product price is also suitable for the budget of many users.

Outstanding characteristics

The product has a U shape, made from 201 stainless steel with high durability and good corrosion resistance. The unique U-shaped design will bring modern and luxurious beauty, making this line of stainless steel braces suitable for many different interior decoration spaces.

U10X10X10 splint accessory made of 201 stainless steel has a smooth surface, easy to clean. At the same time, this type of brace is often easy to install and replace, helping to save time and effort during use.

Application of 201 U-shaped stainless steel brace U10X10X10

201 U-shaped stainless steel braces can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Interior decoration: Braces are used to decorate and create highlights in interior projects such as houses, offices, hotels,... with skirting, ceiling, door trim positions, etc.
  • Protecting the edges of materials: 201 stainless steel U-shaped braces are often used to protect the edges and corners of surfaces, such as wall edges, doors, or stair steps, helping to prevent impacts and Avoid scratches.

How to preserve U-shaped brace U10X10X10 from 201 stainless steel

To keep the 201 U-shaped stainless steel brace U10X10X10 durable and beautiful, we need to pay attention to the following preservation methods:

  • Avoid letting the splint come into contact with strong detergents or strong corrosive substances.
  • Clean the splint regularly with clean water or specialized cleaning solutions.
  • Avoid strong collisions or placing heavy objects on the stainless steel brace to prevent scratches and dents.

In the field of interior decoration, U10X10X10 brace from 201 stainless steel is the perfect decorative accessory with many superior features. At the same time, the flexibility and ease of installation and cleaning help this product not only protect the surface of objects but also enhance the beauty of every project.

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