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Mirror yellow color
Mirror white color
Color Mirror yellow color
Product Type Stainless steel brace
Length 3000 mm
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U-shaped brace U10X20X10 from 304 stainless steel is a product with many outstanding features and advantages, ensuring durability, shine and high aesthetics. Below is a detailed description of this product.

Detailed Product Description

This type of brace has a U-shaped shape with balanced proportions, suitable for protecting and decorating edges and corners in construction and interiors. 304 stainless steel material ensures high quality and good corrosion resistance, helping the brace maintain durability and shine for a long time. Besides, the 3000mm length provides convenience during installation and reduces the number of joints, creating a smooth and professional decorative surface.

Brace colors U10X20X10 from 304 stainless steel

Mirror yellow and mirror white are two popular choices, creating a shiny and sparkling surface.

  • Mirror yellow brings a luxurious and impressive beauty to the U-shaped brace, creating accents and highlighting decorative details.
  • The mirror white color creates a shiny and elegant surface, helping to highlight the space and making the U-shaped brace a unique decorative accent.

This U-shaped brace not only protects edges and corners but also brings high aesthetics, suitable for many different decoration styles. Simple but modern design increases convenience in use.

How to preserve U10X20X10 U-shaped brace for durability and beauty

To keep the 304 U-shaped stainless steel brace U10X20X10 durable and beautiful, you should note the following preservation methods:

  • Clean the splint regularly with a soft, clean cloth to remove dirt and stains.
  • Avoid using harsh detergents that may damage the brace.
  • Store the splint in a cool, dry place.

Summary, stainless steel brace U10X20X10 is not only a useful accessory in construction and interior decoration but also a diverse and flexible solution. With quality 304 stainless steel and ideal length, the U-shaped brace not only protects the edges but also brings modern beauty to the space.

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