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L5 flexion

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Champagne color
Champagne color
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Color Yellow
Product Type Aluminum alloy end brace
Uses Finish plate with rounded screw grooves
the size 5 8.5 x x 3000mm
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Cross section of L5 splint bent
Cross section of L5 splint bent

Bending end brace L5 is an important and indispensable accessory in the process of constructing multi-purpose bamboo charcoal fiber panels. Products with dimensions 5 8.5 x x 3000mm helps perfect the beauty of the space, creating uniformity and continuity.

Outstanding advantages of the L5 bending end brace

  • High quality materials: The L5 bending brace is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, has high durability, and can withstand the effects of weather and the environment.
  • Beautiful colors: The brace comes in bronze, black and champagne colors, so it is suitable for many interior design styles.

Application of L5 bending splint accessories

Bending L5 alloy braces are used in wall cladding construction with bamboo charcoal panels. The product has the effect of finishing panels, and especially those ending in curved corners, helping to perfect the beauty of your home.

Note when using 

A few notes when constructing and using L5 bending brace:

  • It is necessary to clean the wall surface before construction.
  • Use Kosmos glue to attach accessories.
  • Follow the manufacturer's application instructions.

L5 flexion splint of the bamboo charcoal panel accessory set creates a luxurious and trendy space for users.

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