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Ball gold
bong bong
Aluminum color
Champagne color
Champagne color
Color Ball gold
Product Type Aluminum brace
Length 2m8
Specification 100 plants/bundle
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Aluminum L brace l30X10 is a flexible and effective solution in completing construction and interior decoration projects. With precise dimensions and quality aluminum material, this product not only provides durability and stability, but also creates aesthetic highlights for the structures and edges of the space. Let's explore the diversity and advantages of l30X10 aluminum L brace through the applications and special features it brings in the context of construction and decoration.


Aluminum splint l30X10 is used to decorate and protect edges and joints in the interior. Splints can be used to:

  • Stair nose splint
  • Fix the edges of tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, etc.
  • Edge braces for wooden floors, plastic floors,...

What are the advantages of L-shaped aluminum brace L30X10?

  • High durability, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and no oxidation.
  • Create decorative accents, making the interior space more luxurious and sophisticated.
  • Easy to construct and install.

Which style is the L brace color suitable for?

L-shaped aluminum brace L30X10 comes in a variety of colors, suitable for many different interior styles. Specifically:

  • Glossy yellow: Brings luxurious and modern beauty to the interior space.
  • Aluminum color: Creates a simple, sophisticated feeling.
  • Champagne color: Brings youthful and dynamic beauty.
  • Orange: Brings warm, intimate beauty.

Aluminum L brace L30X10 is a versatile interior decoration product that can be used in many different spaces. The brace is highly durable, has a variety of colors, is easy to construct and install, bringing luxurious and sophisticated beauty to the interior space.

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