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NLP 12

Pale yellow
Aluminum color
Champagne color
Champagne color
Color Pale yellow
Product Type Anti-slip aluminum brace
Length 2m7
  • Describe

NLP 12 anti-slip aluminum brace is a smart and effective solution to increase safety and at the same time add aesthetics to stair spaces. Designed with high quality aluminum, this product not only ensures durability and strong adhesion but also brings sturdiness and fashion to every installation area.


  • Product type: Anti-slip aluminum brace
  • Length: 2m7
  • Color: Light gold, aluminum, champagne

Uses of anti-slip aluminum brace NLP 12

  • Avoid slippery: NLP 12 anti-slip aluminum brace is designed with anti-slip grooves, helping to create effective friction and anti-slip for stairs, especially in wet conditions.
  • Step tip protection: NLP 12 aluminum splint helps protect the step tip from chipping, damage due to impact and scratches.
  • Decorate: NLP 12 anti-slip aluminum braces with a variety of colors help create highlights and decorate stairs more beautifully and luxuriously.

What styles are the colors of the NLP 12 aluminum brace suitable for?

  • Pale yellow: Light yellow brings a gentle, sophisticated feeling, suitable for homes with a modern, youthful style.
  • Aluminum color: Aluminum color brings a feeling of luxury and class, suitable for classical and neoclassical style houses.
  • Champagne color: Champagne color brings a sense of elegance and gentleness, suitable for Scandinavian and minimalist homes.

It can be seen that NLP 12 anti-slip aluminum brace is a useful product, helping to ensure safety for users, while also bringing aesthetic beauty to stairs. The product has a variety of colors, suitable for many different design styles.

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