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NLP 20

Aluminum color
Pale yellow
Champagne color
Champagne color
Color Aluminum color
Product Type Anti-slip aluminum brace
Length 2m7
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NLP 20 anti-slip aluminum splint is a product commonly used in the construction of stair treads. The product is composed of 2 parts: the brace body is made from aluminum alloy and the anti-slip rubber surface.


Parameter name Value
Product Type Anti-slip aluminum brace
Material Aluminum alloy
Color Light yellow, aluminum, champagne
Length 2,7m
Thickness 2 mm
the size 20 x 20 mm


NLP 20 anti-slip aluminum brace has the following main uses:

  • Anti-slip, ensuring safety for users when walking on stairs.
  • Protects stair treads from chipping and cracking.
  • Increase the aesthetics of the stairs.

Meaning of each color

  • Pale yellow: Using light yellow on the stairs can create a space full of positive energy. It is the ideal choice for spaces that want to express youthfulness and creativity.
  • Aluminum color: Creates good interference with the tile color, creating a unified and professional appearance.
  • Champagne color: Highlight the space, create highlights and add class to the surrounding space. Champagne color is often chosen in spaces where you want to create luxury and coziness.


NLP 20 anti-slip aluminum splint is used in civil construction projects, houses, hotels, offices,...

With high quality and performance, NLP 20 anti-slip aluminum brace is a worthy choice to enhance the safety and aesthetics of your living or working space. Put your trust in this product to experience the safety and convenience it brings.

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