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NLP 30

Champagne color
Champagne color
Color Orange
Product Type Anti-slip aluminum brace
Length 2m8
  • Describe

NLP 30 anti-slip aluminum splint is a type of splint commonly used in the construction of stair tread tiling. The product has an anti-slip rubber surface to help increase friction and prevent slipping more effectively.

Should I use aluminum braces?

Anti-slip aluminum braces have many outstanding advantages, bringing many benefits to users, specifically:

  • Enhance anti-slip ability: The splint surface has embossed edges to help increase friction and effectively prevent slipping, ensuring safety for users when walking, especially the elderly, children and people with disabilities.
  • Protect stair nosing: The tip of the stairs is the area most susceptible to damage due to impacts and scratches. Aluminum splints help protect stair treads from damage, increasing the longevity of the project.
  • Increase aesthetics: NLP 30 aluminum splint has 2 outstanding colors: orange yellow and champagne, helping to decorate the stairs more luxurious and sophisticated.

With the above outstanding advantages, anti-slip aluminum braces are a necessary product for every project.

Kosmos – A reputable distribution address for NLP 30 aluminum braces

Kosmos is one of the reputable distributors of NLP 30 aluminum braces in Vietnam. When buying aluminum braces at Kosmos, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • High quality, genuine products
  • Competitive price
  • Fast shipping
  • Warranty genuine

NLP 30 anti-slip aluminum splint is a necessary product for all projects. The product has many outstanding advantages, bringing many benefits to users. If you are looking for reputable, quality anti-slip aluminum brace products, please contact Kosmos for advice and ordering.

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