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NGN aluminum outer corner brace is a decorative material and protects the outer edges of walls, columns, walls, etc. from impact and damage. The product is made from durable aluminum alloy, resistant to environmental impacts.

Advantages of NGN aluminum outer corner braces

  • High aesthetics: NGN aluminum outer corner braces come in a variety of colors, suitable for many different design styles. The product helps create highlights and increase the aesthetics of the edges of the building.
  • Impact resistant, edge protection: The product is highly durable, helping to protect the edges of the project from impacts and scratches.
  • Easy to construct: Aluminum outer corner braces have standard sizes and are easy to cut, trim and install.

Meaning of color of aluminum outer corner brace

  • Yellow: Yellow not only creates the impression of wealth and prosperity, but also reflects exquisite finishing and decorative styles. Yellow aluminum outer corner braces are suitable for classic, luxurious interior decoration styles such as classic European decoration or modern interior styles with a bit of classic accents.
  • Silver: Silver is often associated with modernity, simplicity and luxury. Silver exterior corner aluminum braces are the perfect choice for interior spaces pursuing modern, minimalism or industrial style. Silver can also be integrated into similar decorative styles such as Scandinavian style, highlighting the elegance and sophistication of the space.

Application of NGN aluminum brace

Aluminum outer corner braces are widely used in construction projects, houses, offices, hotels, etc. The product is used to decorate and protect the edges of tiling materials such as PVC panels. , fluted panel, brick, stone, wood,…

Note when constructing aluminum splints

  • Prepare the construction surface: The construction surface needs to be clean, dry, free of dirt and grease.
  • Installing the aluminum outer corner brace: The outer corner aluminum brace is fixed with specialized glue to ensure the best rigidity.

NGN aluminum outer corner brace is an effective decorative and corner protection product, popular with many people. The product has many outstanding advantages, bringing luxurious and sophisticated beauty to the project.

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