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Product Type Aluminum corner brace M
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GTV aluminum corner braces are a type of interior accessory designed in an M shape, used to cover gaps and concave corners at the intersection of construction materials, while creating eye-catching decorative accents. eye. The product is made from high-quality aluminum material, has high durability, resists oxidation, corrosion and is easy to construct.

Outstanding advantages

  • Hide gaps and concave corners: Aluminum inner corner braces help hide gaps and concave corners at the intersection of construction materials, bringing complete beauty and aesthetics to the interior space.
  • Increase safety: Aluminum braces help prevent dirt and water from entering gaps and concave corners, helping to protect construction materials and projects.
  • Create decorative accents: The product comes in a variety of colors, helping to create eye-catching decorative accents for interior spaces.

How many colors of aluminum corner braces are there in GTV?

  • Yellow: Yellow symbolizes wealth, prosperity, luck and success. Aluminum corner braces in yellow color bring a warm, luxurious feeling to the interior space.
  • Silver: Silver represents modernity, luxury and sophistication. Aluminum corner braces in silver color bring an elegant, sophisticated feeling to the interior space.

Application of GTV aluminum brace

Aluminum internal corner braces are widely used in civil and industrial construction projects, including:

  • Interior corner decoration: Used to decorate wall corners, table corners, cabinet corners,... in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens,...
  • Protecting interior corners: Helps protect interior corners from environmental impacts, such as dirt, water, impact,...

Note when constructing

  • Choose an aluminum corner brace with a size suitable for the construction materials.
  • Proceed with the construction of aluminum splints according to proper techniques, ensuring that the splint is securely fixed.
  • Use specialized tools for construction to avoid damaging the product.

Aluminum corner braces in GTV are a useful interior accessory product, bringing many benefits to the project. The product has many outstanding advantages, suitable for many types of construction materials and projects.

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