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Aluminum alloy V brace

Product Type Aluminum alloy V brace
Material Aluminum alloy
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Aluminum alloy V brace is an interior decoration accessory with a V shape commonly used today. The product has a simple but sophisticated design, bringing elegance and class to the space.

the detail information of product

Aluminum alloy V brace is a V-shaped brace, made from aluminum alloy with high durability and good bearing capacity. The product has two main colors: glossy gold and glossy stainless steel with a variety of sizes including:

  • Brace V10X10
  • Brace V15X15
  • Brace V20X20
  • V25 brace
  • V30 brace

Uses of V-shaped alloy braces

V-shaped braces are often installed at wall edges and right angles with many uses such as:

  • Covering wall corners, columns, stairs, etc. helps protect edges from chipping and damage.
  • Decorate the interior, create a highlight for the space.
  • Helps hide defects during construction.

How to choose the right aluminum V-shaped brace

When choosing aluminum alloy V brace, please note the following points:

  • Material: You should choose a product made from high-quality aluminum alloy, highly durable and rust-free.
  • Size: The size of the V-shaped brace needs to match the size of the decorative space.
  • Color: Choose a splint color that matches the interior design style of the space to ensure aesthetics.

A reputable distributor of V-alloy aluminum braces

Kosmos is a general warehouse supplying a variety of aluminum V-alloy braces with different sizes, colors, and designs. All products are made from high quality materials, have high durability, good oxidation resistance, ensuring aesthetics for the project.

General, Aluminum alloy V-shaped brace is an interior decoration accessory with many outstanding advantages, contributing to creating classy and luxurious buildings.

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