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What is flat aluminum splint? 3 highlights of the aluminum bar

Flat aluminum splint is a kind of thin splint made from aluminum or aluminum alloy, which is a popular accessory in the field of interior decoration. Learn more about this aluminum brace with Kosmos through the following article!


What is flat aluminum splint?

Flat aluminum splints are also known as aluminum bars, la splints, aluminum profiles, etc. are flat, made from high-grade aluminum or aluminum alloys. The two edges of the aluminum bar are beveled to reduce sharpness and increase aesthetics.

This is a favorite accessory in the field of interior decoration with many different applications. Splints often have a variety of thicknesses, widths and sizes. Depending on the intended use of each area, the user will choose the appropriate type of brace.

Aluminum bars - Popular accessories in interior construction
Aluminum bars – Popular accessories in interior construction

Highlights of the aluminum bar

One of the highlights of lapping is that aluminum is easy to bend. With this feature, users can arbitrarily adjust aluminum splint according to your needs. At the same time, this factor also makes construction and installation easier.

Besides, the aluminum bar has a high-gloss surface, anti-corrosion and has long-term durability, contributing to ensuring the aesthetics during use. Thanks to the smooth surface, cleaning the splint is also very easy. This accessory is also waterproof, users can rest assured to use.

Another highlight of la brace that cannot be ignored is that it does not contain harmful substances. Ensure safety for users' health and do not affect the environment.

Flat aluminum splint with high aesthetics
Flat aluminum splint with high aesthetics

Beautiful flat aluminum braces

On the market today, there are many different models of aluminum bars to meet the needs of consumers. The most popular types of braces are silver, copper, gold, black, pink, ...

  • Silver clip: The silver aluminum bar has a shiny, luxurious and modern silver color. This accessory is suitable for many installation positions as well as different design styles. Typical is the modern style with sharp, luxurious silver color. Industrial style with gentle neutral colors,…
Luxury silver aluminum braces
Luxury silver aluminum braces
  • Copper color aluminum bar: Eye-catching copper-colored aluminum braces with luxurious copper colors. With this color, users can use it for classic or modern interior styles. Copper colored aluminum bars will create delicate lines and textures, contributing to more prominent living space.
Copper colored aluminum ladle
Copper colored aluminum ladle
  • Lap is yellow aluminum: This is one of the most popular aluminum models because of its luxurious and classy colors. This accessory is often used for interior styles from classic to modern, luxurious. Flat yellow aluminum braces are also used to create accents for spaces with neutral colors such as gray, white, etc. to create harmony and sophistication for living space.
Yellow aluminum bar
Yellow aluminum bar
  • Black aluminum splint: Black aluminum bar is also one of the models decorative brace It is used in many different interior decoration styles. This brace will be suitable for those who love strength because this is a deep color, with its own mysterious character.
Black flat aluminum splint
Black flat aluminum splint
  • Pink aluminum bar: Pink aluminum splints bring lightness and warmth to any space. This accessory is the best choice for those who love bright, simple but sophisticated designs. With shiny materials, the pink aluminum bar will create a unique and modern highlight for any living space.

Uses of flat aluminum braces in interior decoration

Possessing a simple but delicate design, aluminum splints are widely used in wall and ceiling decoration. This type of brace will help to decorate the living space more vividly, cover the defects of the wall by its shiny appearance with high aesthetics.

In addition, the aluminum bar also has the function of covering defects, the position of joints between the material sheets. They help protect the plastic wall panels avoid wear or damage due to external impact forces. Enhance and improve living space, bringing elegance and sophistication to the interior decoration style.

Aluminum braces connect the material panels to enhance the beauty of the living space
Aluminum braces connect the material panels to enhance the beauty of the living space

Many projects also use aluminum braces to style the surfaces of walls, doors, columns, etc. Through combining with other types of braces, construction workers can create many unique and new decorative styles. strange. The process of installing or maintaining the brace is also very easy, which cleverly hides the holes drilled in the installation.


The installation position of the aluminum bracket?

With diversity and flexibility in design, flat aluminum braces are installed in many different locations:

  • Joints between decorative panels
  • Location between floor and wall
  • Location between ceiling and wall
  • Corners of walls, corners of ceilings, floors, etc.
  • Corners of doors, cabinets, stairs, etc.

Flat aluminum splint created aesthetic lines for the installation locations. At the same time, creating a harmonious transition between spaces in a subtle way brings high aesthetic value.

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