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Aluminum color
Product code Yellow
Product Type Aluminum brace
Length 2.5m
Specification 400 plants/bundle
  • Describe

T15 . aluminum splint is a type of interior decoration accessory commonly used today. The product has a T-shaped design with a width of 15mm, made from high-strength aluminum alloy, with beautiful and durable colors over time.

Outstanding features of T15 brace

The following is the information and outstanding features of T15 aluminum brace accessories:

  • Color: T15 aluminum brace has two popular colors: yellow and aluminum. Yellow brings luxurious and noble beauty to the interior space; Aluminum color brings modern, sophisticated beauty.
  • Product Type: This is a type of decorative splint, used to hide defects at the joints of material panels, creating a highlight for the interior.
  • Length: The brace has a standard length of 2.5m, meeting the needs of many projects.
  • Specification: The product is packaged in bundles, each bundle has 400 plants.

Why are T15 aluminum braces increasingly popular?

The reason this accessory is increasingly popular is because it has many of the following advantages:

  • High aesthetics: T15 aluminum brace has a simple but sophisticated design, suitable for many different interior styles.
  • Long term durability: Made from long-lasting aluminum alloy, accessories have long-term durability, contributing to improving the lifespan of every project.
  • Easy to construct and maintain: T15 aluminum splints are light in weight, easy to construct, maintain and convenient during transportation.

Where should I buy T15 aluminum braces?

T15 aluminum braces are sold at many construction materials stores and furniture stores nationwide. To ensure the quality and aesthetics of the brace, you can learn and choose products at Kosmos affiliated agents.

Kosmos Vietnam is a general warehouse distributing top quality decorative materials and accessories in the market. Ensuring to bring customers quality, durable products.

T15 . aluminum splint is a quality interior decoration accessory, bringing many benefits to users. If you are looking for a perfect solution for a luxurious interior, then T15 aluminum brace is a choice worth considering.

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