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Aluminum color
Color Yellow
Product Type Aluminum brace
Length 2.5m
Specification 400 plants/bundle
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T20 . aluminum splint usually approximately 20mm wide with a unique T shape. This is one of the popular accessory lines in the field of interior decoration.

Outstanding features of T20 brace

The product has the following outstanding features:

  • Color: T20 aluminum braces come in a variety of colors from luxurious gold to bright aluminum, suitable for many interior design styles.
  • Product Type: T20 aluminum brace is a decorative brace made from aluminum alloy, has high hardness, durability, and good strength.
  • Length: This accessory has a standard length of 2.5m, making installation easier and more convenient.
  • Specification: The braces are packaged in 400 pieces/bundle, helping to save transportation and storage costs.

Application of T20 aluminum brace accessories

T20 aluminum braces are widely used in interior decoration, including:

  • Create highlights for walls and ceilings: T20 aluminum braces can be used to create decorative lines, divide spaces or create accents for walls and ceilings.
  • Making splints to connect material panels: T20 braces can be used to cover gaps between material panels, creating harmony and uniformity for the overall space.

Benefits of using T20 aluminum braces

T20 aluminum brace brings many benefits to users, including:

  • Increase the aesthetics of the interior space: The T20 aluminum brace has a simple but sophisticated design, helping to increase the aesthetics of the interior space.
  • Create luxury and class: The product is made from high-quality, highly durable aluminum alloy, bringing luxury and class to every project.
  • Easy construction: T20 aluminum brace has standard size, easy to adjust during installation.

Hope the above shares will be useful and help you better understand T20 aluminum brace. This will be a decorative accessory to help make projects more perfect and durable.

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