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Aluminum color
Color Yellow
Product Type Aluminum brace
Length 2m5
Specification 400 plants/bundle
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V10 aluminum brace is a type of interior accessory commonly used in construction and interior decoration projects. The brace has a V shape with a width of 10mm, made from high quality aluminum, has high durability, does not corrode or oxidize in the natural environment.

Product advantages

Kosmos SPC nano panels have many outstanding advantages:

  • Durable
  • High aesthetics
  • Easy to construct and install
  • Reasonable price

Application of aluminum alloy V10 brace

V10 aluminum braces are widely used in construction and interior projects, such as:

  • Cover the corners at right angles to cover the edges, protect the edges, and limit impacts that cause chipping.
  • Decorate the interior, create highlights for spaces.
  • Handling joints between construction materials.

The combination of V10 aluminum braces in decoration

V10 aluminum braces can be combined with many different colored furniture, bringing harmonious beauty to the space. 

  • Yellow braces can be combined with white, black, gray, wood-colored interior decoration materials, etc. such as wood-grain panels, stone-grain PVC panels, etc.
  • Aluminum colored braces can be combined with white, yellow furniture, etc.

V10 aluminum brace is a high-class interior finishing material with many outstanding advantages. The brace can fit many interior design styles, bringing elegant beauty to the space.

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