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Aluminum color
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Color Yellow
Product Type Aluminum brace
Length 2m8
Specification 100 plants/bundle
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V30 aluminum alloy brace Used to decorate wall corners, corners of wooden floors, plastic floors, etc. The product helps protect edges from impact, while creating an aesthetic highlight for the space.


The product has the following detailed parameters:

  • Product type: Aluminum brace
  • Length: 2m8
  • Specification: 100 plants/bundle

With a length of 2m8, this product is suitable for many different applications, from wall and door decoration to use in large construction projects.

Advantages of V-shaped brace code V30

V30 aluminum alloy splint has many special advantages:

  • Modern design: With beautiful shape and design, the product is a great highlight for any decorative space.
  • Easy to install: Smart design and light weight make the accessory installation process simple and save time.
  • Durable material: Aluminum alloy ensures durability and high strength, making the V30 brace durable and beautiful over time.

Popular V30 aluminum brace colors

Current popular V30 aluminum splint colors include: gold, aluminum, black, stainless steel,... These are basic colors, suitable for many different interior styles.

  • Gold is a color that symbolizes luxury and nobility. The yellow V30 brace can create a highlight for the space, bringing a cozy and modern feeling.
  • Aluminum is a neutral color, suitable for many different interior styles. Aluminum colored braces can help the space become more harmonious and sophisticated.
  • Black is a color that represents strength and personality, creating a highlight for the space, bringing a feeling of luxury and class.
  • Stainless steel is a color that represents modernity and luxury, bringing a feeling of cleanliness and sophistication.

If you are looking for accessories to decorate and protect your interior space, please use them V30 aluminum brace .

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