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Plastic brace F8

Product code Plastic brace F8
Product Type Splint F
Material Plastic
Size 8mm 9.6 x 28 x 2700mm
Size 12mm 13.6 x 28 x 2700mm
Uses Install the floor termination point
Standard CL
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F8 plastic braces are a line of interior decoration accessories commonly used in many projects today.

What is F8 plastic brace?

F8 plastic brace is a decorative and finishing accessory for wooden floors and plastic floors, bringing sophistication and class to your interior space. Made from plastic material, F8 brace possesses many outstanding advantages, meeting all the needs of today's customers.

Technical specifications of plastic brace F8

F8 plastic splint specifications include:

  • Product type: F brace
  • Plastic material
  • 8mm size: 9.6 x 28 x 2700mm (Bracing height 9.6mm for 8mm)
  • 12mm size: 13.6 x 28 x 2700mm (Bracing height 13.6mm for 12mm)
  • Uses: Installing floor ends
  • Standard: CL.

Advantages of F8 brace

With the main ingredient from plastic, this accessory possesses all the outstanding advantages of plastic including the following:

  • Durable, good load-bearing, anti-termite and warping
  • Waterproof, easy to clean
  • Simple and quick construction
  • Reasonable price, cost saving
  • Diverse designs and styles, meeting all decorative needs.

Application of plastic brace F8

Plastic brace F8 is used to install the end of wooden floors, plastic floors cover the gap between the floor and the wall, protecting the edge of the floor from scratches and damage. This accessory also contributes to creating an aesthetic highlight for the floor, bringing complete beauty and elegance to the interior space.

Currently, F8 splints are widely used in wooden and plastic floor construction projects such as:

  • Housing: Villas, townhouses, apartments, level 4 houses
  • Office: Company, agency, business
  • Stores: Showroom, fashion shop, coffee shop
  • Public areas: Schools, hospitals, shopping centers,...

With diverse advantages and applications, F8 plastic splints are the perfect choice for projects in finishing wooden floors and plastic floors.

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