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Plastic splints imitation wood – Accessories to replace wooden braces in interior decoration

Plastic splints imitation wood is a decorative accessory that gradually replaces wooden braces in the field of furniture. Learn more about this fake wood brace with Kosmos through the article below!

Wood grain plastic splint
Wood grain plastic splint

What is fake wood plastic splint?

Wood imitation plastic splint, also known as imitation wood PVC splint, wood grain plastic splint or imitation wood splint, ... is an interior decoration accessory with high applicability that stands out with textures and textures similar to natural wood. course.

Wood grain plastic splints are used to cover the defects in the finishing positions when tiling the floor, wall, ceiling, etc. This accessory also has the function of protecting as well as fixing the corners, covering the edges. joints between decorative materials such as plastic wall panels... Contributing to improving the aesthetics and ensuring the durability of all decorative works.

Features of pvc splints imitation wood

The fake wood splint has the main component of high-strength virgin PVC plastic. Specifically, the structure of plastic brace includes the following classes:

  • Wood imitation coating: This is the top layer of the brace, with beautiful wood grain patterns.
  • Core class: The core of the brace is made from high quality PVC.
  • Anti-scratch layer: This layer is used to protect the brace surface from being scratched when impacted or subjected to force.
  • Flame Retardant Grade: This structural layer will ensure the safety of users in environments with a high risk of explosion.
  • Protective UV class: The protective layer will keep the color of the brace from fading and improve the durability of the brace.

Because of the composition of benign ingredients, this accessory is extremely safe for users and environmentally friendly. Plastic brace deserves to be a perfect accessory for consumers.

Why should use fake wood brace instead of real wood brace?

In the field of interior decoration, PVC imitation wood braces are gradually being used to replace natural wood braces because of the following factors:

Wood imitation plastic splints are available in a variety of colors and designs

This brace has a variety of designs as well as textures on the surface. The wood grain in the brace is very natural and looks like real wood. At the same time, the wood grain plastic splint undergoes modern production technology, so there is a uniformity in color, the even wood grains will create a better aesthetic effect than natural wood.

Plastic splints with a variety of designs
Plastic splints with a variety of designs

Currently, this accessory also has many different colors for users to choose from, such as dark brown, light brown, white, etc., which are easy to combine with other materials.

Plastic splints are resistant to termites

Plastic is a lignin-free material, so it is very resistant to termites. Therefore, splints made of plastic are more resistant to termites than natural wooden braces. Besides, plastic braces are also resistant to moisture and do not shrink and warp like wood.

Using fake wood plastic splints in interior decoration, users can rest assured because they are not bitten by termites. At the same time, the brace is not deformed after a long time of use, ensuring the durability of interior decoration works.

Wooden imitation plastic brace - Durable and beautiful decorative accessory
Wood imitation plastic splints – Durable decorative accessories

Light weight easy to install and clean

Because it is made from plastic, the fake wood brace is much lighter in weight than the natural wooden brace. This factor makes the transportation and installation process quite easy. Since then, cleaning or maintenance is also much more convenient.

Using fake wood PVC splints also helps users save many different costs. From the cost of accessories to the cost of installation, plastic braces are cheaper than wooden braces.

Cost savings in interior decoration

In many kinds of decorative braceWood grain PVC splints are quite cheap accessories. Therefore, this type of brace is suitable for the economic conditions of many families today. Although the price is cheap, the wood grain plastic brace still meets the requirements for quality and design. Bringing users the best experience, both economical and creating high aesthetics for living space.

Popular types of wooden imitation plastic braces

In order to meet the needs of users, currently, there are many types of wood grain PVC splints. Below is a table of information on the most popular types of wood grain plastic braces:

Splint Type Uses Illustration
Splint Link and cover the gap between the material sheets, helping to increase the aesthetics of the space. nep-nhua-gia-go-chu-T
Splint F Substitute for skirting wool used to finish the floor, increasing the aesthetics of the floor. nepgia-go-chu-f
Splints Create accents in decoration and wall corners, column corners. nep-nhua-chu-v
Plastic floor brace Used to finish the floor, create accents and increase the aesthetics of the living space. nep-san-nhua

Tips to choose wood grain plastic splints suitable for the interior style of the family

To choose splint accessories that match your home's decor, you can rely on the color factor. If you love the modern style with bright colors, you should give preference to the PVC imitation wood braces with white color, light wood color, etc. In case you prefer a cozy space, choose the imitation wood plastic brace. has a dark wood brown color, dark tones will bring a feeling of warmth and intimacy.

Besides, you can also choose a contrasting color scheme to create a balanced space. For example, your home space has dark tones, you should choose wood grain braces with light tones. This element will help the space to expand and look more harmonious.

How to maintain the fake wood plastic splint is always beautiful

In order for the brace accessories to be durable, the first factor to ensure is the correct installation. The construction worker will clean the installation area, then measure to cut the brace to the right size for the position to be installed. Proper construction will ensure the construction is durable and has high aesthetic value.

Because it is made of plastic, the fake wood brace cannot withstand high temperatures for a long time. Therefore, you should only use this accessory for interior spaces, limit the exposure of the brace to high temperatures because it will affect the quality of the product.

Properly store fake wood plastic splints to make the product last longer
Properly store fake wood plastic splints to make the product last longer

Besides, cleaning during use also partly affects the durability of the brace. You just need to use a wet cloth and wipe the dirt on the brace surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals as this will affect the durability as well as cause the splint to fade.

Plastic splints imitation wood is considered as a line of decorative accessories with high aesthetics, long-term durability, applied in many decorative items such as houses, apartments, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, .... Hopefully the above sharing of Kosmos will help readers better understand this brace. If you have more questions, you can contact Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company or contact here for a quick response.

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