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Champagne color
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Color Yellow
Product Type Aluminum alloy splint
Uses Connect the edge cover
the size 8.8 8.6 x x 3000mm
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Cross section of connecting H8 brace

H8 splint accessories is a high-end product belonging to the accessory set of beautiful and luxurious bamboo charcoal panels.

Product Description

H8 splint accessory is a type of accessory used to cover the connection point between two bamboo charcoal panels. The brace has an H-shaped cross-section, is made from aluminum alloy, has high durability, and good weather resistance. The brace has a width of 8.8mm, a height of 8.6mm and a length of 3000mm. The brace has a variety of colors for you to choose from for your project.

Advantages of aluminum alloy H8 brace

The H8 brace is made from high-quality aluminum alloy and also possesses many outstanding advantages:

  • High durability, good weather resistance
  • Many diverse colors, suitable for many design styles
  • Helps hide the grooves between panels, bringing high aesthetics

Uses of H8 splint

H8 splint accessories are used for many diverse uses:

  • Connecting two bamboo charcoal panels while concealing the connection between the edges, creates a uniform, harmonious whole.
  • The brace helps hide the grooves between the panels, bringing high aesthetics to the project.

H8 splint accessories is a useful product, bringing many benefits to the project. Products are of high quality, reasonable price.

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