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Color Ball gold
Product Type Aluminum alloy brace
the size 10 5 x x 3000mm
Specification 100 bars/bundle
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T10X5 aluminum T brace is a quality aluminum alloy brace with standard dimensions of 10 x 5 x 3000m. Below is detailed information about this type of aluminum T brace accessory.

Outstanding features of T10X5 brace

Aluminum T-brace is an interior decoration accessory commonly used in construction projects. Aluminum T-brace has a T shape with the following specifications:

  • Product type: Aluminum alloy brace
  • Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 3000m
  • Specification: 100 bars/bundle

The product has a compact size, with the main ingredient being aluminum alloy, and has many superior features such as:

  • Exquisite design: The brace has a simple but sophisticated T-shaped design, creating a highlight for the interior space.
  • High durability: Aluminum alloy has high durability, good heat resistance. At the same time, this material is light in weight, making construction quick.

Uses of T10X5 aluminum T brace

Aluminum T-shaped brace T10X5 plays an important role in solving gaps in the wall, arising from the difference between the material panels or due to their elasticity. The main use of the T10X5 brace is not only limited to aesthetic improvement, but also ensures wall protection from unwanted moisture.

In particular, T-shaped braces not only simply connect gaps but also demonstrate flexibility when transitioning between panels of decorative materials, such as plastic wall panels or floor panels. With the task of linking, this accessory not only brings high aesthetics but also ensures the sustainability of the decorative project.

Wall panel models come with T10X5 aluminum T-brace

T10X5 aluminum T-splints are often used to decorate joints between wall panels. Some wall panel models that often come with this accessory are:

  • Stone grain PVC panels: This is a type of wall panel made from PVC plastic, with a natural stone surface. Aluminum T-splints help create a highlight for the wall panels, while also helping to hide the defects of the joints.
  • Imitation wood wall panels: This type of wall panel is mainly made from plastic, with a natural wood grain surface. The brace helps create luxurious and classy beauty for wall panels and increases space aesthetics.

Summary, T10X5 aluminum brace is not only an excellent solution for connecting gaps in the wall, but also an inspiration for synchronization and smooth transitions between panels of decorative materials.

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