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Color Ball gold
Product Type Aluminum alloy brace
Length 15 5 x x 3000mm
Specification 50 bars/bundle
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Aluminum T-shaped brace T15X5 often used to solve gaps in walls, as well as for transitions and connections between panels of different decorative materials. Below are detailed information about this accessory.


The product has a unique T shape, below are the detailed technical specifications of the product:

  • Product type: Aluminum alloy brace
  • Length: 15 x 5 x 3000mm
  • Specification: 50 bars/bundle

T15X5 T-shaped brace accessories have popular colors:

  • Glossy yellow: Brings luxurious, classy beauty, suitable for interior spaces with classic, neoclassical styles,...
  • Glossy stainless steel color: Brings delicate, elegant beauty, suitable for modern interior spaces,...

Advantages of T15X5 aluminum brace

T15X5 aluminum T-shaped brace has the following outstanding advantages:

  • High quality, good durability
  • A diversity of colours
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to build

Application of T15X5 aluminum T-brace

Some specific applications of the product are:

  • Aluminum T-shaped brace T15X5 is used to handle gaps and gaps between material panels. The brace helps ensure the aesthetics and durability of the project, while also helping to prevent dust and bacteria from entering.
  • T-shaped brace T15X5 is used to hide chipping defects on walls and ceilings during construction, helping to create a perfect beauty for the project.
  • Aluminum brace T T15X5 is currently used for interior decoration, creating highlights for projects, suitable for many different interior styles.

General, T15X5 alloy brace is a beautiful and durable decorative accessory. However, when using, please choose the color of the brace and proceed with the construction properly to ensure the aesthetics of the whole project.

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