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Product code T-1230
Product Type Splint
Material Plastic
the size 10 31 x x 2700mm
Uses Used to connect 2 8mm . floor boards
Standard CL
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T-1230-8mm splint is a T-shaped plastic splint, used to connect two 2mm wooden floor boards. The brace is made from high quality plastic, has high durability, good bearing capacity, does not warp, shrink, etc.


  • Product code: T-1230
  • Product type: T brace
  • Plastic material
  • Dimensions: 31 x 10 x 2700mm
  • Uses: Used to connect 2 8mm floor boards
  • Standard: CL

Describe the color of the brace

Brown often makes people associate feelings of warmth, comfort and stability. This color can also be used to create a natural and eco-friendly feel. It is often combined with white, beige, and other neutral colors.

Benefits of using T-1230-8mm brace

T-1230-8mm brace brings many benefits to users, including:

  • Creates aesthetics for wooden floors: The product helps hide gaps between floorboards, creating high aesthetics for wooden floors.
  • Protect wooden floors: The brace helps protect wooden floors from environmental impacts such as water, moisture, and termites.
  • Increases the lifespan of wooden floors: T-splints help increase the lifespan of wooden floors, making them durable and beautiful over time.

Application of T-1230-8mm brace

T-1230-8mm splint is used to connect 2 wooden floorboards, create a highlight for the wooden floor, and cover the gap between the floorboards. Braces can also be used to decorate other structures such as walls, ceilings, stairs, etc.


  • 10mm brace height for 8mm . floor
  • 12.5mm brace height for 12mm . floor

With outstanding advantages, the T-1230-8mm splint is the perfect wooden floor accessory for your home. The splint helps wooden floors become more durable, beautiful and luxurious, while also creating a highlight for the interior space.

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