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Product code T-1439
Product Type Splint
Material Plastic
the size 12.5 31 x x 2700mm
Uses Used to connect 2 12mm . floor boards
Standard CL
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Plastic T-splint T-1439-12mm is an accessory product used in wooden floor construction. With product code T-1439, this plastic T brace brings convenience and aesthetics in completing floor installation projects.


  • Product code: T-1439
  • Product Type: Splint
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 12.5 31 x x 2700mm
  • Standard: CL

Products' use

T-shaped brace T-1439-12mm is specially designed to tightly and evenly connect two floorboards together, forming a beautiful, seamless line. The product can also be used to hide imperfections on the surface of wooden floors, making the wooden floor more perfect.

Note when constructing

When constructing T-1439-12mm plastic brace, customers should follow the following instructions to ensure smooth installation and highest performance:

  • Specialized glue should be used to glue the T-1439-12mm plastic splint to the wooden floor.
  • Plastic braces should be cut to a size appropriate to the length of the wooden floor.
  • You should clean the wooden floor surface before applying the splint.

Kosmos – Address for distributing plastic brace T T-1439-12mm

Kosmos is the official distributor of T-1439-12mm plastic brace in Vietnam. Products here always ensure the best quality and price for customers. If you have a need, please contact the nearest Kosmos dealer in your area to purchase.

Plastic T-splint T-1439-12mm is not only a high-quality product with solid and aesthetic properties, but also an ideal choice for finishing and protecting your floors. The combination of quality, utility and sophisticated design makes the product an important and companion part in every construction and interior decoration project.

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