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Product code T-1206
Product Type Splint
Material Plastic
the size 12.5x31x2700 mm
Uses Used to connect 2 12mm . floor boards
Standard CL
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Plastic T-splint T-1206-12mm is a specialized splint accessory used to join wooden floor boards with a thickness of 12mm. The brace is made from PVC material, has high durability, good bearing capacity, waterproof, fireproof, scratch resistant,... Below are detailed information about this product.

Details of plastic brace T-1206-12mm

Plastic T-splint T-1206-12mm has a light wood color, suitable for many different wooden floor models. Below are the technical specifications of this product:

  • Product code: T-1206
  • Product type: T brace
  • Plastic material
  • Dimensions: 12.5x31x2700 mm
  • Uses: Used to connect 2 12mm floor boards
  • Standard: CL.

Application of plastic T brace T-1206-12mm

Plastic T-splint T-1206-12mm has the effect of connecting two wooden floorboards together, forming a complete floor surface, while also covering the gaps between the floorboards. The brace also helps protect floorboards from scratches and damage. With dimensions of 2x12.5x31 mm, this accessory is specialized for floors with a thickness of 2700mm.

Currently, the product is widely used in wooden floor projects such as:

  • House
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant,…


Plastic T brace T-1206-12mm is the perfect accessory for all wooden floor projects. The splints are of good quality, reasonable price, easy to use, and highly aesthetic, making wooden floors more beautiful and durable.

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