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Product code T-1228
Product Type Splint
Material Plastic
the size 12.5 31 x x 2700mm
Uses Used to connect 2 12mm . floor boards
Standard CL
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T-1228-12mm plastic T brace is designed with a modern T-shaped design, luxurious. This is a popular line of interior decoration accessories in many projects today.

Product details

The product stands out with light wood tones, below are the detailed technical specifications of this accessory:

  • Product code: T-1228
  • Product type: T brace
  • Plastic material
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 31 x 2700mm
  • Uses: Used to connect 2 12mm floor boards
  • Standard: CL.

Detailed uses of plastic T brace T-1228

T-1228 plastic brace is used to connect two 12mm thick floor boards, bringing convenience and usefulness in floor installation projects. The main uses of splints in this case include:

  • Solid connection: The brace helps connect two 12mm floor boards securely, creating a smooth intersection or transition between two different flooring materials.
  • Increase aesthetics: T-122 wood imitation plastic T-splint helps create a clear and beautiful boundary between flooring materials, helping to increase the aesthetics of the space.
  • Protects floorboards: In addition to creating a beautiful boundary, plastic braces can also protect floorboards from impact or damage during use.


Plastic T brace T-1228 Has a smart, convenient design, suitable for all types of plastic floors and wooden floors with a thickness of 12mm. The product is made from virgin PVC for long-term durability and effective impact resistance.

This accessory also has a shiny, dust-free surface that is easy to clean. Along with that, the weight of the splint is light and construction is simple and quick. T-1228 plastic brace will help perfect the beauty of the floor, create a highlight for the interior space, and bring the best experience to users.

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