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T plastic brace

Product code T plastic brace
Product Type Splint
Material Plastic
Size 8mm 10 31 x x 2700mm
Size 12mm 12.5 31 x x 2700mm
Uses Used to connect 2 floorboards
Standard CL
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T-shaped plastic brace is an interior decoration product commonly used in construction projects, houses, offices, etc. The product has a T-shaped design, is made from high-quality plastic, can Waterproof, moisture-proof, termite-proof, warp-proof, and deformed.


Parameter Value
Product code T plastic brace
Product Type Splint
Material PVC resin
the size 8mm, 12mm
Length 2700 mm
Thickness 8mm, 12mm
Color wood grain
Standard CL


T-shaped plastic braces have many different uses, including:

  • Used to connect 2 floorboards, helping to cover gaps between floorboards, creating a seamless, uniform floor surface.
  • Used to decorate and create highlights for interior spaces.
  • Used to hide floor defects, such as cracks, scratches, etc.

Construction Manual

The construction of plastic T splints is quite simple, you can follow these steps:

  • Measure and cut the plastic T brace to the required size.
  • Use specialized glue to attach the plastic T brace to the required position.
  • Use a rubber hammer to gently tap the plastic T-brace to be firmly fixed


  • 10mm brace height for 8mm . floor
  • 12.5mm brace height for 12mm . floor

Plastic T brace is a useful interior decoration product, with many different uses. The product is made from high quality materials, is highly durable, and easy to construct. If you are looking for a quality interior decoration product, plastic T braces are an option worth considering.

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