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Aluminum color
Color Yellow
Product Type Aluminum brace
Length 2m8
Specification 50 plants/bundle
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U10X10X10 aluminum brace is a type of aluminum brace, used for interior decoration. Aluminum splints come in many different types, varying in shape, size, color, and material. Aluminum brace U10X10X10 has a U shape, with dimensions of 10mm height, 10mm width, and 2m8 length.

Product information

  • Color: Yellow, aluminum, black
  • Product type: Aluminum brace
  • Length: 2m8
  • Specification: 50 plants/bundle


U10X10X10 aluminum brace has 3 basic colors: gold, aluminum and black. Each color brings a unique beauty to the interior space.

  • Yellow is the color of luxury and nobility. Yellow aluminum braces are suitable for interior spaces with classic or neoclassical styles.
  • Aluminum color is a neutral color, suitable for many design styles. Aluminum colored aluminum braces are often used in modern, minimalist interior spaces.
  • Black is the color of strength and personality. Black aluminum brackets are suitable for industrial or minimalist interior spaces.

Outstanding advantages

Outstanding advantages of braces:

  • Create a focal point for the space
  • Good waterproof and water resistance
  • Anti-dust
  • Easy to build
  • Reasonable price

Which design style is it suitable for?

U10X10X10 aluminum brace can fit many different interior design styles. With its yellow color, aluminum braces bring a luxurious, noble look, suitable for interior spaces with classic or neoclassical styles. With aluminum color, aluminum braces bring a modern, youthful look, suitable for interior spaces with modern or minimalist styles.


U10X10X10 aluminum brace has a length of 2,8m, packaged in bundles of 50 pieces. Braces can be used to decorate many different positions in the interior, including:

  • Decorate wall corners and edges
  • Decorate door edges and cabinet edges
  • Ceiling decoration
  • Floor decoration

U10X10X10 aluminum brace is a modern interior decoration product with many outstanding advantages. The product is suitable for many different interior design styles, bringing luxurious and sophisticated beauty to your living space.

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