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Aluminum color
Champagne color
Champagne color
Color Yellow
Product Type Aluminum brace
Length 2m8
Specification 50 plants/bundle
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The U10X18X10 aluminum brace is available in a variety of colors, including aluminum, gold, champagne and black. Aluminum color brings modern, luxurious beauty; Yellow brings a warm, classic beauty; Champagne color brings elegant, sophisticated beauty; Black brings strong beauty and personality.

  • Color: Aluminum, gold, champagne, black
  • Product type: Aluminum brace
  • Length: 2m8
  • Specification: 50 plants/bundle

Color of accessories

U10X18X10 aluminum brace has 4 basic colors: aluminum, gold, champagne, black.

  • Aluminum color is the most popular color of aluminum braces. Aluminum color has the advantage of being luxurious, modern, and suitable for many interior design styles.
  • Yellow brings warmth and luxury to interior spaces, often used in classic and neoclassical interior designs.
  • Champagne color is a combination of yellow and white, bringing brightness and youthfulness to the interior space.
  • Black is a color that brings strength and modernity to space, often used in modern, minimalist interior designs.

Appropriate design style

U10X18X10 aluminum brace is suitable for many different interior design styles, including:

  • Classic style: Gold and champagne aluminum braces are suitable choices for classic style. The warm, luxurious color of aluminum braces will help enhance the beauty of sophisticated patterns in classic interior design.
  • Neoclassical style: Gold, champagne, black aluminum braces are suitable choices for neoclassical style. The harmonious and delicate colors of aluminum braces will help create luxurious and noble beauty for neoclassical interior spaces.
  • Modern style: Aluminum and black aluminum braces are the right choice for modern style. The simple, modern color of aluminum braces will help create a youthful and dynamic beauty for modern interior spaces.

Product advantages

Advantages of aluminum brace U10X18X10:

  • High aesthetics
  • Outstanding quality
  • Sturdy, durable and beautiful 
  • High resistance
  • Easy to build

Product features

U10X18X10 aluminum braces are used to decorate corners, wall edges, molding, etc. in the interior. The brace helps create accents, highlight architectural lines, and also helps protect edges and wall edges from scratches and damage.

Aluminum brace U10X18X10 is a versatile interior decoration product that can be applied in many different spaces. The product has a variety of colors, suitable for many interior design styles.

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