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Mirror yellow color
Color Mirror yellow color
Product Type Splints
Material Stainless Steel AISI201
Length 3m
  • Describe

Stainless steel V brace 201 V10 is a type of interior decoration brace made from 201 stainless steel. The brace has a luxurious mirror yellow color, commonly used in construction projects, houses, offices, hotels, …


  • Color: Mirror gold, mirror pink, mirror black
  • Product type: V brace
  • Material: Stainless steel 201
  • Length: 3m

Design style

The stainless steel V brace has a luxurious mirror gold color, showing class and sophistication. Mirror yellow is also a favorite color of many people, bringing a warm, cozy feeling to the space. The mirror gold color of the brace will best suit modern design styles, bringing luxurious and sophisticated beauty.

Outstanding advantages

In addition to the above outstanding features, the V10 brace also has other outstanding features such as:

  • Easy to clean, clean
  • No warping or deformation
  • Diverse and rich designs

Note when using

To make the V10 brace durable and beautiful over time, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Clean the splint regularly with a soft cloth and clean water.
  • Avoid exposing the splint to strong detergents and corrosive chemicals.
  • When constructing, it is necessary to use specialized tools to ensure that the splint is installed correctly.


V10 brace is a V-shaped brace, used to cover the corners of walls, columns, stairs, wooden floors, etc. The V brace has the effect of protecting edges from impacts and scratches, while also creating points. Decorate the space.

Stainless steel V brace 201 V10 is a modern interior decoration material product, has many outstanding advantages, suitable for many different design styles. The product is the ideal choice to decorate and protect the edges of your living space.

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