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Mirror yellow color
Mirror pink color
Mirror black color
Color Mirror yellow color
Product Type Splints
Material Stainless Steel AISI201
Length 3m
  • Describe

201 V20 stainless steel brace is a high-quality interior decoration material, commonly used in construction projects, houses, offices, etc. The brace has a V shape, made from 201 stainless steel with 3m long and available in many different colors such as mirror gold, mirror pink, mirror black.


  • Color: Mirror gold, mirror pink, mirror black
  • Product type: V brace
  • Material: Stainless steel 201
  • Length: 3m

Design style

The V20 brace is suitable for many different design styles, including:

  • Modern style: The product has a simple, sophisticated design, suitable for modern style.
  • Classic style: 201 V20 stainless steel brace can be plated with gold or copper to create a luxurious, classic beauty for the space.
  • Minimalist style: This brace line comes in mirror black color suitable for minimalist style.

Outstanding advantages

V20 has many outstanding advantages, including:

  • High durability, anti-oxidation, non-corrosive
  • Easy to construct and install
  • Diverse in colors and sizes
  • Reasonable price


Products are used in many different categories, including:

  • Covering wall corners, column corners, stair corners, etc. helps protect edges from chipping and scratches.
  • Decorate the interior, create a highlight for the space.

Stainless steel V brace 201 V20 is a high-end interior decoration product, with many outstanding advantages in terms of material, color, style and application. Splints help protect edges, create accents, and divide cells and spaces. The brace is suitable for many different design styles, bringing elegance, modernity and personality to the project...

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