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Product code V228
Product Type Splints
Material Plastic
the size 25 25 x x 2700mm
Standard CL
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V25-V228 brace is a useful interior decoration product, helping the interior space become more luxurious, modern and sophisticated. The product has many outstanding advantages, suitable for many different interior design styles.

Product information

  • Product code: V228
  • Product type: V brace
  • Material: PVC plastic
  • Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 2700mm
  • Standard: CL

Describe the color of the product

V228 brace has a gentle, warm light brown color, often associated with nature and relaxation. Light brown is a popular color in interior design, often used for furniture, walls and floors.

Outstanding advantages

V25-V228 brace has the following outstanding advantages:

  • High durability, resistant to environmental impacts
  • Easy to construct and install
  • Diverse in colors and designs
  • Reasonable price

Application in interior design

V25-V228 braces are suitable for many different interior design styles, from modern to classic. Splints can be used to decorate areas such as:

  • Wall base
  • Stairs
  • Floor surface
  • Corners of walls and ceilings

Hopefully the above information will help you better understand the V25-V228 brace product. If you are looking for a useful interior decoration product that is suitable for many different interior design styles, the V2 brace

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