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Product code V25-1228
Product Type Splints
Material Plastic
the size 25 25 x x 2700mm
Standard CL
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V25-1228 splint is a V-angle plastic splint used to finish the edges of wooden floors and plastic floors. The product has a simple, sophisticated design with square edges, creating a feeling of solidity and luxury for the space.


  • Product code: V25-1228
  • Product type: V brace
  • Plastic material
  • Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 2700mm
  • Standard: CL

Advantages of V plastic splints

Advantages of V25-1228 brace:

  • High aesthetics: The brace has a sophisticated, modern design, helping to perfect the beauty of the space.
  • Good quality: The product is made from high quality plastic, highly durable, moisture-proof, water-proof, and termite-proof.
  • Easy construction: This line of accessories is light in weight, easy to construct, saving time and effort.


V25-1228 brace is used to perfect the edges of plastic and wooden floors, creating uniformity and sophistication for the space. The brace also helps protect the floor from the effects of external forces such as impacts and scratches.

Notice: Can be used for both 8mm and 12mm . floors

Benefits when used

Benefits of using V25-1228 brace:

  • Perfect the overall beauty of the living space
  • Covers gaps between plastic floors, wooden floors and walls
  • Protects the floor from outside impacts
  • Increase the life of the floor

How to choose brace V25-1228?

When choosing V25-1228 brace, the following factors should be kept in mind:

  • Color: You should choose a splint color that matches the floor color and interior design style.
  • Size: You should choose a splint size that matches the size of the floor.
  • Material: Invest in good quality, highly durable braces.

Preserve V25 splint code 1228

To keep the V25-1228 brace beautiful and durable, you should avoid exposing the brace to direct sunlight or strong cleaning chemicals.

V25-1228 brace is the perfect finishing accessory for plastic and wooden floors. The product has many outstanding advantages, suitable for many different interior design styles. If you are looking for high quality plastic braces, V25-1228 is a choice worth considering.

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