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What is Polyurethane Plastic (PU)? Learn about the characteristics, applications and types of PU plastic

Polyurethane resin What is that? Characteristics, applications and how many types of PU plastic are there? is an issue that many people are concerned about. In this article, Kosmos will provide the most accurate information about this material. Let's take a look now to get useful values.


Concept of Polyurethane plastic

Polyurethane resin also known as PU plastic, is a polymer material made up of organic units joined together through carbamate (urethane) bonds.

Tree-shaped PU plastic
Tree-shaped PU plastic (Source: Internet)

PU plastic has two main forms: PU tree and PU sheet and both include hard PU plastic and soft PU plastic components. In Vietnam, people often call this material plastic rubber. They are extremely durable against environmental factors such as weather and oxidation.


Outstanding characteristics of Polyurethane (PU) plastic

To use Polyurethane resin properly and achieve the highest efficiency, users should know about the following 6 characteristics of this material.

Polyurethane plastic has excellent abrasion resistance

This is the most prominent feature that users can easily recognize when using the product. Even when compared to other materials such as rubber or metal, PU plastic still exhibits 3-5 times more excellent performance in abrasion resistance. Thanks to this, PU (Polyurethane) plastic is widely used to cover the surface of other materials, forming a superior protective layer.

PU plastic wheels
PU plastic wheels (Source:

Does not adhere dirt to the surface

With a smooth and flat surface, oils, grease, fats, organic solvents or impurities often have difficulty sticking to PU plastic.

PU plastic is pressure resistant and highly elastic

With the ability to withstand pressure and high elasticity, Polyurethane resin is a material widely used to make wheels and anti-shock devices.

Polyurethane resin for wheels helps reduce wear
Polyurethane resin for wheels helps reduce wear (Source:

If you roll PU plastic into thin sheets, it will be difficult for you to tear them because the elasticity of this product will be maximized.

Excellent electrical insulation and heat resistance

With this feature should Polyurethane resin Used as an insulating coating for many different applications, while protecting electrical components and equipment from damage caused by moisture, corrosive environments and other external factors.


3 types of PU Polyurethane plastic on the market

Polyurethane resin Unlike PP or POM plastic, there are 3 main types:

Thermoplastic PU plastic

The process of forming this product will be processed on plastic machines. First, the ingredients are heated at 120 to 150 degrees Celsius to form polyurethane resin liquid. They will then be shaped according to their intended use.

Thermoplastic PU plastic
Thermoplastic PU plastic (Source: Internet)

Molded PU plastic

when the Polyurethane resin Molded with prepolymer and active isocyanate, the heating process will cause the chemical bonds to break. Therefore, this form of plastic cannot be reused like some other types of plastic.

PU plastic panels are used to reduce vibration
PU plastic panels are used to reduce vibration (Source: Internet)

Horizontally bonded PU plastic

Instead of having a structure similar to flexible PU or molded PU, Polyurethane resin horizontal network and formed in three-dimensional space.

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Is PolyUrethane (PU) plastic toxic?

Polyurethane resin (PU) belongs to a group of compounds called reactive polymers, which include epoxies, unsaturated polyesters and phenolics. PU is made by reacting an isocyanate containing two or more isocyanate groups per molecule (R−(N=C=O)n) with a polyol containing an average of two or more hydroxyl groups per molecule (R -(OH)n) in the presence of a catalyst or by activation with ultraviolet light.

Therefore, it can be concluded that PU plastic is completely non-toxic to human health.

Polyurethane plastic is completely harmless to users' health
Polyurethane plastic is completely harmless to users' health (Source: Internet)

Applications of PolyUrethane plastic in life

Thanks to advancements in the field of science and engineering, manufacturers are able to create a wide range of products from PU plastic material. These products are widely used in everyday life, typically including:

  • PU plastic pipes are commonly used in the production of gas pipes and liquid pipes.
  • Round tree PU plastic is widely used in metallurgy and mining, especially in making cushions, spring blocks and reducing friction in mechanical equipment.
  • PU thread Used to decorate ceiling walls for residential buildings, villas, apartments, and townhouses.
PU moldings are used to decorate walls
PU moldings are used to decorate walls
  • In the furniture industry, plastic flooring is one of the common applications Polyurethane resin. What's special about PU is its high durability and noise reduction ability, making it a popular choice in the furniture industry.
  • Due to its excellent chemical and solvent resistance, PU resin is often applied to cover shafts used in industries such as printing, steelmaking, textile industry and papermaking industry.
Conveyor belt made from PU plastic
Conveyor belt made from PU plastic (Source:
  • In the mining industry, PU plastic sheets are often used as linings for pipes, conveyors, shafts and wheels.
  • PolyUrethane plastic It is also used to create molds for concrete, construction materials, plastic, and wax, especially in the production of products that require sophistication and detail in patterns.
  • They also have electrical and thermal insulation properties, so products made from PU plastic are often used for the production of packaging bases and underwater cables.

Here is all the information about Polyurethane resin (PU). Kosmos provide. Hope they will help you understand more about this product.


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