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What is a Pergola? The most beautiful pergola styles and designs today

Pergola Surely it is no longer strange to those interested in residential architecture and design in Vietnam. Although it is only a small project, it creates a highlight and is a space for families to gather and live. So pergola What is that? What beautiful pergola designs are there? See this article now to know more.

Pergola is the perfect highlight for living space (Source:

What is a Pergola?

Pergola is a word that comes from Latin. They are simply understood as an outdoor structure consisting of large columns erected to support horizontal beams or domes. Usually, people plant more flowers, vines or hang flower pots to increase aesthetics. The space below will be filled with tables and chairs for the homeowner to live and relax.

Pergola helps create a fresh and warm space (Source:

Born during the Renaissance, pergola designs are often erected on European-style terraces or gardens. With many outstanding functions and high aesthetics, this structure is gradually becoming popular in the Vietnamese market.


Benefits of installing a pergola

What is it about Pergola that makes it so popular with so many families? Let's explore the benefits of space from work install pergola brings, from aesthetic aspects to daily convenience!

Create shade

One of the main benefits of installing a pergola is the creation of a shaded area. Pergola provides a perfect cover for outdoor spaces, helping homeowners enjoy activities without fear of heat or harmful UV rays.

The shade created from the pergola helps homeowners comfortably relax in this area (Source:

Create a living space in harmony with nature

Pergola has a relatively large structure and is suitable for hanging vines, such as grapevines, linden trees, or leafy plants. These climbing plants not only create natural shade but also help reduce temperatures and create an ecological environment for birds to come, creating an extremely relaxing outdoor green space.

The pergola covered with confetti creates a unique beauty for the garden (Source:

Increase the value of the house 

Pergola Not only does it make the garden more beautiful, but it also increases the value of the house. It creates an interesting highlight and attracts people's attention. Having a beautiful and quality pergola can be a decisive factor in increasing the value of a property.


Pergola materials are popular today

Each family will have choices of materials pergola different. But in general, they will mostly be built from the following products

For the frame

Natural wood: This is always the top choice of every family. Because it brings nature and warmth to your outdoor space. Wood has the ability to adapt to the surrounding environment, changing color and beauty over time, creating an interesting natural picture. However, this type of material is quite expensive and requires more careful construction and maintenance than other types to avoid damage.

The frame is made from natural wood - luxurious and classy (Source:

Wood-plastic Composite: With an appearance similar to natural wood, the price is much cheaper. This is a quite popular material in every pergola design today. Plastic wood has a lifespan of up to 20 years, and the product is termite-proof, warp-free, and has extremely diverse sizes and colors.

The outdoor plastic wood frame brings the beauty of real wood without termites or warping

Concrete: This is a very durable material and is capable of withstanding harsh weather and outdoor environments. Concrete pergolas can last longer and do not require as much maintenance as wood. However, you need to add some decorative patterns to make this material more unique.

With a concrete frame, the pergola will be more solid (Source:

Metal: They are capable of creating diverse designs and shapes. You can create a pergola with intricate decorative details or the unique design you desire. However, metal has the ability to conduct heat quickly. Therefore, in hot weather, a metal pergola can become hot and uncomfortable when exposed to direct sunlight.

Pergola with metal frame (Source:

For the roof

Depending on the region and weather conditions in each place, there will be different pergola roof materials. In Vietnam, with hot and humid air, people often use PVC, fabric, glass tarpaulin, bamboo leaves, etc.

Transparent PVC plastic is commonly used to make pergola (Source:

Among them, the most popular is transparent PVC plastic. Because they allow natural light to pass through, creating a bright space under the pergola's roof. This helps the space feel more spacious and airy.

The roof is made of glass, which will increase the brightness and luxury of the space

Notes when arranging pergola in living space

The porch and terrace are also two places often designed to place pergola. With this space, people often attach them to the load-bearing frame of the building. One side can be supported by pillars, while the opposite side can be attached to the structure of the house.

If the stretch is not too significant, you may not need to use a support pole. Helps save material costs and creates an easy transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. However, it should be noted that if the house has limited space, designing a pergola can make the space more cramped. Therefore, it is necessary to consider carefully before deciding to build it.

For small spaces, the pergola will not have pillars or the pillars will be limited

The most beautiful pergola designs today

Below is a summary of the most beautiful and popular pergola designs today that you can refer to:

Pergola model made from natural wood (Source:
Vines covering the pergola roof help create a fresh feeling (Source:
The pergola is made from metal with a unique design (Source:
Transparent PVC plastic helps expand living space (Source:
Take advantage of the space under the pergola to grow flowers, creating an artistic garden (Source:
Use a pergola to create an outdoor entertainment area for family and friends (Source:
The use of netting on the pergola helps protect against bright sunlight (Source:
A beautiful pergola will increase the aesthetic value of your home (Source:
One of the popular pergola models in Vietnam (Source:
The design of the pergola can reflect the homeowner's architectural style (Source:

We hope that the information we provide about pergola can help you better understand this product. Kosmos will always accompany you, helping you have the living space of your dreams.

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