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Tips for effective distribution of content on Facebook for the cladding and laminate flooring industry

To distribute content on Facebook For the cladding and wood flooring industry effectively, Kosmos has summarized and listed the principles and secrets for you in the article below. Through that, in addition to serving entertainment purposes, you can take advantage of facebook to increase sales quickly.


What is content distribution on facebook?

Distributing content on Facebook is a series of activities such as posting, advertising, sharing content, etc. on the facebook platform. Knowing how to distribute content will help you reach your target customers more effectively. In particular, you must optimize the content you post to increase visibility and engagement.

Distributing the content of wooden floors and panels on facebook can sell goods
Distributing the content of wooden floors and panels on facebook can sell goods

6 methods of distributing content for the wood paneling and flooring industry on facebook

There are 6 methods to distribute content on facebook for the wood flooring industry: organic outreach (no fee), content sharing, advertising (paid), partnering with users. other facebook, cross-promote on other platforms and join facebook groups/communities.

Distributing content on facebook naturally

Post content about laminate flooring on the platform organically to reach your existing friends/audience. How your content shows up on their feed depends entirely on facebook's algorithm. This audience can directly interact with and share content for you for free.

Organic reach on facebook makes it easy for you to sell without paying
Organic reach on facebook makes it easy for you to sell without paying

Content is distributed by sharing

As mentioned above, if your audience is interested in the content you post, they can share the post on their wall. From there, the person's friends/audience will be able to see your content. This is an easy to implement form of facebook content distribution, very popular.

Paid distribution (run ads)

Paying a fee to run ads helps you to distribute content on facebook more widely. The effectiveness of this approach depends on whether the runner is targeting the right audience. This audience will be determined by many factors such as (demographic, interests, behavior, ...).

Cooperate with other facebook users to distribute content

To make the process of distributing content about your product easier, you can partner with Facebook influencers (Influencer) or other brands and facebook pages in the industry. From there, your content can deliver to your collaborator's audience. Conversely, their content may also appear in your newsletter.

Cross-promoting content about panels, wooden floors on other platforms

Cross-promotion is the distribution of your Facebook content across other social networking platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or the website. This cross-promotion allows you to reach a new set of followers and extend your reach to a wider audience.

Content distributed on facebook may link to other forums
Content distributed on facebook may link to other forums

Join facebook group/community to distribute content

Facebook groups/communities are the ideal playground for you to distribute your content to the people who are active in them. However, each playground has its own rules that you need to follow. The most important thing is that you can choose for yourself the right group/community to promote the content you want to post.

For the wood flooring and paneling industry, groups/communities about building houses and decorating are the most suitable playground. Here people find materials to build houses and decorate living spaces, so the content of product designs and material features has a very high interaction rate.

Join the group specializing in wooden floors, panels, plastic wood on facebook
Join the group specializing in wooden floors, panels, plastic wood on facebook

How to optimize content on facebook for effective distribution

The facebook platform has tons of active users with millions of content being posted every day. So, how to make your content prioritized in the eyes of customers? Kosmos Vietnam has 4 ways for you to optimize your content on facebook as follows:

Build a prestigious and impressive facebook channel

A well-organized facebook channel will help increase the credibility of customers in the content you post. The first steps to build a reputable and quality facebook channel is to optimize the items on the page such as profile picture, cover photo, channel description information, etc.

See more: The secret to building a personal Facebook to reach 100k followers.

Evaluate the performance of content delivered on facebook periodically

Periodically evaluate your facebook content delivery performance using customer Insights analytics tools. Once you've understood your audience, you'll be able to determine what type of content works best for the audience you're targeting.

Analyze customer behavior to distribute content on facebook effectively
Analyze customer behavior to distribute content on facebook effectively

The content of your wood floors and panels will also be optimized in terms of images, conveyed messages, etc., in a better way based on the information you analyze and collect.

Use the right keywords and hashtags

Keywords and Hashtag are the keys to help customers who are in need of wooden floors and panels to find your content more easily on facebook. Use hashtags related to the article content and popular keywords in your field in a smart way.

You can refer to how to use keywords and hashtags for the wood flooring and cladding industry in the article: facebook post templates about tiling material line attract customers

Try to interact directly with the audience

Interacting with customers is important, reply to comments often to show interest and make a connection. Also incorporate call-to-action (CTA) content in your articles to guide your audience to engage and engage with the content. Absolutely do not attract too much interaction such as calling customers to tag, like, share for you.

Besides, you can use the Live Video feature to interact directly with customers in real time or post stories to interact in a short time. During the interaction, you should listen to the customer's opinions to support them quickly and conscientiously.

Should interact with customers on facebook more
Should interact with customers on facebook more

Distributing content on facebook in prime time

“Golden hour” is a time frame when traffic and user interaction on facebook is more than other time periods. This time frame is not fixed but also depends on the object and geographical area. One thing is for sure, people may spend more time on social media during work hours or on weekends. Maintain regular posting frequency.

Diversify content and publish original content

The facebook platform can recognize duplicate content, so you have to diversify the content up and preferably original content, limit stealing other people's ideas. Some recent user-focused content that you can refer to are storytelling, reels, etc.

Video Reels facebook is popular
Video Reels facebook is popular

In general, the wood flooring/panel industry is gradually catching up with the trend and is very active on the facebook forum. Hope tips distribute content on facebook that the general warehouse of Kosmos Vietnam summarized above can help you in the industry sell more goods. If you still have any questions, please contact Kosmos to get the answer as soon as possible here.

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