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Product code EG106
Product Type EG skirting board
the size 15 97 x x 2500mm
Specification 22 bars/box
Standard CL
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EG106 skirting wool is one of the most popular skirting wool products today. The product possesses many outstanding advantages, meeting the needs of consumers.

Outstanding features of EG106 wall wool

  • High quality PS plastic material

EG106 wall skirting board is made from PS plastic material, is water-proof, mold-proof, termite-proof, providing high durability.

  • Easy to build

EG106 skirting board has standard sizes, is easy to cut and install, helping to save time and effort.

Application of EG106 skirting wool

Wool can be used in many different spaces, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. The product helps protect walls from external environmental impacts, while also creating a highlight for the living space.

Combine EG106 skirting wool with other colors and materials

EG106 skirting board can be combined with many different colors and materials, bringing harmonious beauty to the living space.

  • About color

EG106 wool has a light yellow brown color, so it can be combined with colors such as white, gray, beige,... to create a delicate, luxurious beauty. In addition, the product can also be combined with other colors to create a youthful, modern beauty.

  • About materials

EG106 wall skirting can be combined with wooden floors, plastic floors, ceramic tiles, etc. to create uniformity for the living space.

EG106 skirting board is a great choice for those who are looking for a quality skirting board product, beautiful design, and easy to install. The product brings luxurious and sophisticated beauty to the living space, helping to protect walls from external environmental impacts.

Section of wall wool EG
Section of wall wool EG

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