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Just what is pho? application, classification and characterization of each type

Thread or wall wool is the material that plays the role of wall decoration in the interior space. Products are available in various sizes and cross-sections. The 4 types of moldings that are popular today are plastic, gypsum, wood and industrial wood.

Just what is pho? concept and application

Floating thread (wall wool) is a floating decorative material, creating accents on the wall and is specialized for interior space. This material is designed with many cross-sections to create a variety of transition effects between corners and wall edges. Peanuts are only classified into 2 types as “pouches” and “only” because of their size. Specifically, "just" is also a form of "fun" but has a much smaller size.

Korean white cornice
Korean white noodles

The international name of molding is Molding (or Molding). The variety of cross-sections also makes them classified into many types with different applications such as:

  • Bare neck: the product creates a bonding effect between the wall and the ceiling.
  • Skirting: the product creates a bonding effect between the wall and the floor.
  • Percentage rice: Decorative material in the middle of the wall, where the floor is 1m away.
  • Pointing to the picture frame: molding small size used to decorate the frame.
  • Fence only border: Wall wool is used to decorate the edge of the wall, panels, ....

Why is Pho only favored by interior designers?

This decorative material is favored by interior designers because it gives depth to the apartment. Not only increasing the aesthetics, the product also marks the end of the cladding/tiling material beautifully. Many types also play the role of protecting the wall from moisture and impact.

White thread helps create more accents in the room space
White thread helps create more accents in the room space

Cover the gap between the wall and the cladding/tiling material

Flooring materials such as wooden floors or wall coverings such as plastic panels will look less aesthetically pleasing without wall wool. The rough edges/board edges are delicately covered by this flexible design material. From then on, the apartment became more synchronized and deeper than ever.

Protect the wall

The base of the wall is the most vulnerable position in the process of daily living. Here it is easy to get wet during the cleaning process or the floor is spilled with water. This position is also prone to strong impacts from furniture legs. At this time, the skirting wool will act as a protective armor, moisture-proof, impact-resistant.

In addition to decoration, the molding also helps to protect some positions on the wall
In addition to decoration, the molding also helps to protect some positions on the wall

Aesthetics increase

The main use of this product is to increase aesthetics. To do that, the product design must be beautiful and in sync with the apartment design style. In addition, on the market, there are many designs of hollow gutters to make the ideal place for electrical wiring. The product turns the corners of the wall somewhat less rough and the empty wall becomes more vivid.

Types of molding are commonly used today

There are 4 types of molding commonly used today: molding made of plastic, wood, plaster and industrial wood. Each type has its own distinct characteristics.

Plastic thread

Plastic thread is a form of mold produced by plastic. There are 3 types of plastic that can be molded: PU, ps plastic , and pvc. All 3 are waterproof and easy to install. The beauty of this type of molding comes from the paint layer, the decorative texture layer, so it is quite rich.

Kosmos General Warehouse provides high quality wall panels
Kosmos General Warehouse provides high quality wall panels

gypsum thread

Gypsum plaster is a material produced with gypsum powder, so it is easily affected by water. However, they are cheap, sturdy, and easy to shape. The color of plaster cast is usually ivory white, milky white. Formed by natural minerals, the product is safe to use.

Natural wood floss

Natural wood chisels are materials that are shaped by solid wood. If they are made from precious wood, the apartment will become classy. Obviously, the cost of this type of molding is determined based on the quality of the wood. Those who are really passionate about wood will never ignore this decorative material. However, they will spend quite a bit of money on maintenance - maintenance - termite prevention.

Industrial wood chisels

Fancy wood but tight budget? Perhaps industrial wood molding will be the solution for you. Products are made from natural wood pulp, through many stages of processing. The value of the molding now is not based on the quality of the wood. Instead, their value is based on aesthetics and quality. The more modern the production machinery, the more beautiful and sturdy the bar is.

Natural wood skirting board
Natural wood skirting board

The most searched plastic molds

Why does the article only show plastic molds? That's because plastic molding can take on the beauty of all other forms. They can carry on themselves rare wood grain patterns but the price is not high. And yet, the plain white plastic formwork looks no different from the gypsum board but is water resistant. 5 models of plastic moldings that have sold out in recent years are:

  • Imitation wood plastic ferrule.
Wood veneer set
Wood veneer set
  • Imitation stone plastic.
Set of stone racks
Set of stone racks
  • Plain white plastic hopper.
White board set
White board set
  • Gold and bronze textured plastic floats.
Set of gold motifs
Set of gold motifs
  • Copper gold plated plastic.
Set of golden plates
Set of golden plates


Floating thread, also known as wall wool, is a decorative material that has a small size but plays a great role in aesthetics. There are 4 types of moldings with different characteristics: wooden moldings, plasterboard moldings, industrial wood moldings and plastic moldings. Kosmos Vietnam is a reputable supplier of ps and pvc moldings. If you are intending to be an agent of these two products, please contact Kosmos immediately at (+84) 903.093.221 or at Kosmos Vietnam Fanpage

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