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What is the back of the wall? The latest back only models today

The back of the wall is a type of molding that brings an impressive highlight to your wall. Come on, let's take a look at the latest models of wall panels with Kosmos!


What is the back of the wall?

The back of the wall is a wall decoration material, specifically at a position one meter from the floor. This position is very easy to attract the attention of the viewer, so the molding will act as a highlight. After installation, the wall surface will be divided into 2 parts by this material, upper and lower, so it is also called "percentage baffle", "waist belt". We often use this type of molding to capture the top of lamri cladding works.

The back of the wall is located 1m from the floor
The back of the wall is located 1m from the floor

How many kinds of back wall molding are there?

Based on the material, the back wall molding is divided into 4 types: wood, stone, plaster and plastic back molding.

The back of the plastic wall

The plastic backing wall is a type of molding made of pvc, ps plastic or PU plastic. Plastic material will ensure 100% water resistance for this material. Among them, PU plastic molding has the lowest strength. In return, the PU plastic wall thread has high flexibility and can be installed on all rounded wall surfaces. Only ps or pvc plastic wall backs have good rigidity and many designs come from decorative film layers.

The back of the wooden wall

The wooden back paneling is a familiar type of molding for Asian people, where wood is considered a high-class decoration material. Under the scarcity of natural wood, the price of plywood is increasing day by day. Today, this type of molding is gradually being replaced by industrial wood molding imitation wood plastic molding. In particular, wooden moldings or industrial wooden moldings need to be used very carefully to prevent termites.

Wood imitation plastic back molding project
Wood imitation plastic back molding project

Peach only the back of the rock

The stone backing is molding made from block stone or composite stone, bringing elegance to the house wall. However, stone veins are difficult to combine with many other wall cladding materials. Usually, they will stand alone on the painted wall as an accent or as an accessory for stone panels, imitation stone panels. The weight of the stone slab is quite heavy, it needs a professional construction unit to ensure safety.

Construction of plastic belt molding with stone pattern
Construction of plastic belt molding with stone pattern

Plaster back only

The gypsum back wall paneling is made from gypsum powder, natural minerals, so it is safe for health. Moreover, this product line has a relatively low price, so many people find it. However, they are easily affected by water and break easily. It has a white color but is easy to yellow after a long time of use. This type of mold should absolutely not be installed in the toilet area.

The gypsum backrest is not waterproof with plastic moldings
The gypsum backrest is not waterproof with plastic moldings

The latest models of wall panels today

The latest models of wall panels today can be mentioned such as: wood grain patterns, stone patterns, gold emulsion patterns, basic plain white patterns or trendy gilded white moldings.

Plain white pattern on the back wall

The white back wall can be present in any architectural style. On the white wall, the floating line is horizontal to bring depth to the apartment. They are also suitable pieces on the wall with sophisticated textures. Referring to this model, people immediately think of plasterboard. But, white plastic molding will have a long-lasting beauty and will not yellow when it meets water.

Besides, you can take advantage of different types of molding picture frames for mounting at the back of the wall.

Wood grain back wall molding

The back wall of the wood grain brings a feeling of closeness to nature in the interior space. Each grain of wood on the molding has a unique beauty that makes viewers unable to take their eyes off. As mentioned above, wood grain molding can be easily replaced by advanced printing technology. The wood grain on the plastic molding is sketched very realistically.

To create an impressive wall surface, you can use all kinds of decorative molding (eccentric only) to make the percentile pattern.

Stone pattern belt pattern

The stone-patterned belt is a common accessory commonly found on constructions using natural stone imitation stone plastic sheet. Plastic floats can imitate all kinds of stones from marble to granite with a layer of colored Film. The surface of the stone veneer is also designed to be glossy so that the beauty of the stone is maximized. Usually, users choose plastic molds because their weight is very light.

Gold plated white back wall molding

Gold-plated white wall back molding is a molding model that will brighten up your home space. What could be more wonderful than the iridescent colors covering the wall decoration material? Under the space where the yellow light is installed, it becomes even more sparkling. Currently only ps plastic molding own this luxurious cornice model.

Gold emulsion pattern pattern

Gold emulsion pattern is an expensive detail present on a percentile bar. The more meticulously invested, the higher the value of the bar. Since then, the value of the apartment has also increased significantly. The patterns on the moldings often imitate the French aristocratic style, the poetic classical style.


Where to buy quality plastic wall panels?

You can find Kosmos Vietnam warehouse to own quality plastic backing bars. Here, cashew plastic products are committed to using virgin plastic. Not only ensuring health and safety, Kosmos is also committed to the durability and aesthetics of each product.

Kosmos General Warehouse provides high quality back wall molding
Kosmos General Warehouse provides high quality back wall molding


The back of the wall or the percentile, the belt is the name for the decorative material at the point 1 meter from the floor on the wall. Based on the material, we have 4 types of back molding for customers to choose from. Most of the beautiful back wall patterns are found on plastic moldings. To contact Kosmos as a distributor of plastic moldings, please leave your information at THIS.

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