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What is a plastic thread? Classification and application of plastic moldings 

Plastic thread is a modern home decoration material that is increasingly widely used. The article will provide all information about the types of plastic moldings and their applications.


What is a plastic thread?

Plastic thread is a prefabricated decorative material with the main component being plastic. We can apply plastic moldings in many different locations such as: ceiling corners, back of the wall, etc. In each position, the moldings are manufactured in a specific shape with separate names including:

  • The picture frame only.
  • Footrests.
  • Bare neck.
  • Finished.
  • Corner plow.
  • Only back.
  • Border only.
Application location of plastic moldings
Application location of plastic moldings

The aesthetic needs of people are increasing, so the presence of slats becomes increasingly important. Plastic fenders both help us to cover the defects of the construction and improve the aesthetics effectively. There are many types of molding on the market such as wood molding, plasterboard, etc., what makes users choose plastic molding?

Advantages of Plastic Threading

Flexible plastic thread, easy to install at rounded corners. In particular, advanced technology helps the decorative vein layer on the overflow not to be broken when bent. Besides, modern technology also helps this type of mold to wear a variety of designs and diverse designs.

This type of molding can be easily transported or installed because of its high strength and resistance to physical impacts. Not easily deformed or chipped on impact and extremely light weight. This product is an extremely economical choice as they are extremely cheap but also save additional installation and shipping costs.

The plastic material makes this decorative molding 100% waterproof. You don't need to worry about the rod being deformed or changing color when it encounters water. On the other hand, the glossy surface makes the plastic mold less dusty and easy to clean. We just need to use a dusting brush or use a damp cloth to wipe it clean and mold it again like new.

The advantage of plastic molding is that it is easy to clean
The advantage of plastic molding is that it is easy to clean

If you love the luxury that wooden beams bring, you can come to them imitation wood plastic molding. The wood grain on the molding is crafted extremely delicately and honestly. In addition to the ability to deceive the eye, plastic molding also limits risks such as: expansion, warping, mold and termites. The obvious fact is that the price of plastic moldings is much lower than that of wooden ones.

Imitation wood plastic floats with authentic designs
Imitation wood plastic floats with authentic designs


There are quite a lot of poor quality plastic moldings floating on the market, making users skeptical about the product. It only uses impurity plastic that is brittle and has the risk of emitting toxic gases. At the same time, poor quality moldings do not guarantee the color of the pattern to remain stable during use.


Classification of hot trend plastic molding models

The hot trending plastic molding models include 3 names: ps moulding, pvc moulding and pu moulding. The features of each type of molding will be analyzed in detail below.


PS is a hard plastic molding, produced by plastic material Polystyrene. The plasticity of the mold is not high. In return, ps plastic molding has good impact resistance. In particular, the inside of the molding has an activated carbon component, so it has the ability to disinfect, filter gas, and limit odors.

PS . molding structure
PS . molding structure

PVC thread spool

PVC thread is a decorative material formed by plastic materials Polyvinyl Chloride. Because of the sturdy plastic material, the pvc formwork has the highest durability of the 3 hot trend plastic molds today. On the other hand, the weight of the formwork is also at the highest of the three types and cannot be installed at the arch or round position.

Construction of molding pvc
Construction of molding pvc

PU thread

PU molding is a flexible plastic molding, produced by Polyurethane plastic material. Because it is a flexible plastic mold, the impact resistance of this product is somewhat limited. However, they are highly sought after because of their excellent flexibility, often used in curved corners.

PU thread is flexible and easy to bend
PU thread is flexible and easy to bend

Applications of plastic moldings in interior decoration

The application of plastic molding is to cover the gap between two planes, for example:

  • The position of the edges of the wall and ceiling plastic panels.

When installing wall / ceiling plastic panels, it is imperative to cover the cross section. Instead of using braces, we can apply molding to make the work more perfect.

It only covers the edges of the wall/ceiling panel
It only covers the edges of the wall/ceiling panel
  • Location of wall corners: use corner molding, end molding.

In order for the building to have a soft and flexible beauty, the position of the corners should have the presence of a molding. Not only that, the position of the outer corner of the wall is very susceptible to damage due to impact, so the outer corner molding plays an effective protective role.

  • Position between wall and ceiling: use ceiling corner plastic molding.

It is not necessary to install new panels to use ceiling corner molding. Ceiling threading has been used for a long time because it brings good aesthetics to the interior.

Fence only covers the ceiling corner
Fence only covers the ceiling corner
  • The position between the wall and the floor: use plastic skirting boards.

When installing plastic or wooden floors, it is necessary to leave a gap for the floor to expand. At this time, the skirting board plays the role of covering that unlucky gap. The hollow plastic skirting boards are also used as places for electrical wiring.

Only skirting board
Only skirting board
  • We can simply use molding to decorate the wall/ceiling, no longer monotonous by molding picture frames, back only, borders, etc.

Is plastic molding simple or not?

The construction of plastic molding is very simple. First, we just need to prepare a flat and dry installation area and then determine the mounting position with a gauge. After that, we proceed to paste the mold on the wall right at the position marked with ink pen. Finally, we fill the gaps with milk silicone glue and putty.

How to stick plastic molding

To stick the plastic molding on the wall, we will inject the special glue on the back of the formwork. This glue takes a long time to dry, so it is necessary to combine double-sided tape. After gluing, we perform more nailing to the formwork to be sure. The slats have been cut to the proper length for use.

How to stick plastic molding
How to stick plastic molding

How to cut plastic molding

If the cutting operation is not standard, the connection between the beams will be clearly visible. The standard way of cutting molding without adjustment is to follow 2 rules:

  • Cut the standard plastic molding corner at a 1-degree angle to join the formwork at a right angle.
  • Cut molding at an angle of 30 degrees to extend the molding without exposing the seam.
How to cut molding
How to cut molding

Kosmos - the leading distribution warehouse of beautiful plastic moldings in Vietnam

In order to avoid buying the wrong molding of poor quality, you should carefully research and identify a reputable supplier from the very beginning. Kosmos Vietnam is not only a warehouse providing beautiful plastic molding, but the quality of the molds is also guaranteed.

  • First of all, the quality of the raw materials. Kosmos plastic slurry is produced on virgin plastic materials, does not contain impurities, safe for health.
  • Next is the aesthetic factor. With modern machinery technology, Kosmos plastic molding is composed of many layers pressed together. The beauty of the molding is preserved intact throughout the years of long use.
  • Finally, there is the price factor. Kosmos Vietnam is committed to bringing customers the most competitive prices in the market. With a spacious warehouse system, the company always has large quantities of goods available.
Kosmos is the general warehouse that distributes beautiful and quality plastic moldings
Kosmos is the general warehouse that distributes beautiful and quality plastic moldings

Summary, plastic molding It is a popular interior decoration material in recent times. 3 commonly used plastic molding models are PU molding, PS molding and PVC molding. Kosmos Vietnam is committed to providing molding products with all 3 factors: cheap - durable - beautiful!

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