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What is the ceiling panel? Classification and application

4 types ceiling molding are wood, plaster, cement and plastic but each has its own disadvantages. As a reputable supplier of decorative materials, Kosmos will provide useful information right below!


What is a ceiling panel?

Pointing to the ceiling is a decorative accessory at the intersection of walls and ceilings. Eliminate rigid angular shapes, ceiling corner molding makes the work more soft and delicate. In particular, only the ceiling is a necessary accessory on the installation of the panel, in order to cover the less charming edge.

Ceiling threading is installed at the intersection between wall and ceiling
Ceiling threading is installed at the intersection between wall and ceiling

The ceiling beam is also known as the ceiling ceiling. This is a decorative material in the form of a long bar with a diversely designed cross-section. The product does not have a standard size, but the length is usually produced from 2 to 3 meters. We must measure the work carefully to choose the right size.


Classification of ceiling molding

The advantage of ceiling molding is to increase the aesthetics of the apartment. Just a little highlight at the ceiling corner is the whole interior space becomes strangely harmonious. No longer see the rigid ceiling corner, the curve of the molding creates a perfect space. There are a total of 4 materials that can be used for ceiling molding: wood, plaster, cement and plastic.

 Floating wooden ceiling

Floating wooden ceiling is a decorative material made from wood or industrial wood. The product has natural flexible lines, suitable for spaces that need dignified and sophisticated. However, the product is at risk of termites if not carefully prevented. This type of molding can be affected by heat, causing warping, shrinking and not being fire resistant.

Wooden ceiling pole
Wooden ceiling pole

Plaster ceiling only

Vietnamese people used molding plaster ceiling to decorate houses for a long time. This type of molding is made from gypsum powder, so it is non-toxic, easy to shape and cheap. However, gypsum powder is a material that is easily yellowed and deformed when exposed to water.

gypsum board for ceiling
gypsum board for ceiling

Cement ceiling pole

Cement ceiling pole is a decorative material shaped by casting a cement mixture. They are likely to crack after a long time of use.

Cement thread
Cement thread

Floating plastic ceiling

Plastic ceiling pole is molding made from ps, pvc or pu plastic. The product has many designs from decorative texture, water resistance and high durability. Light weight and easy installation operation. Because it is manufactured in a pre-made mold, this type of molding is difficult to repaint (except for plain moulding).

Plastic threading for ceiling corner
Plastic threading for ceiling corner

Advantages of plastic molding for ceiling tiles

As mentioned above, the advantages of ceiling plastic molding are: waterproof, easy to install, many designs and durable. In order for you to have a better view of this type of ceiling decoration material, Kosmos will analyze in detail as follows:

Many models

Although plastic molding for ceiling corners is a finishing material, it cannot be painted, but they are available in many designs. You just need to choose the right model right from the start, there will be no need to improve later. We can easily wipe the product with a damp cloth to regain its original beauty.

Plastic ceiling poles have many different designs
Plastic ceiling poles have many different designs


The bare plastic shell is much better than other types of molding in terms of water resistance. The product is not deformed or discolored by water. At the same time, the moldy condition is completely controlled.


plastic pspvc are two types of plastic that make up a sturdy, good-strength bar. On the other hand, pu plastic is not impact resistant but compensates for its toughness. The shelf life of all 3 types is from 15-20 years if used properly.

Easy to install

The easy-to-install plastic ceiling fender is undeniable. The formwork has been completed, we just need to cut it and stick it on the wall with specialized glue. More carefully, we can use more nail guns to fix a few points on the formwork and then apply specialized glue to the edges. Defects after installation are easily concealed with a mixture of putty and pigment.

Easy installation of plastic ceiling molding
Easy installation of plastic ceiling molding

Kosmos is the leading distributor of beautiful ceiling molding in Vietnam

Ceiling molding distribution warehouse The leading position in Vietnam is none other than Kosmos. This is a unit specializing in providing new home decoration solutions with top quality. The total warehouse area of ​​Kosmos is up to 10.000 m2, so the source of goods is always stable.

Kosmos Vietnam provides 2 types of ceiling molding: ps plastic cornice and PVC moldings. Both of these products are made of virgin, non-toxic plastic. Under an advanced production line, Kosmos plastic ceiling molding has beautiful colors that are difficult to fade over time.

Kosmos Vietnam is the leading molding distribution warehouse today
Kosmos Vietnam is the leading molding distribution warehouse today


Pointing to the ceiling is an accessory installed between the ceiling and the wall and is a specialized interior decoration material. Among the types of ceiling corner molding, plastic ceiling molding is the best rated with advantages such as: many models, water resistance, high durability and easy installation. Currently, the reputable total molding distribution warehouse is Kosmos. If you are attracted by this material and want to be an agent, please contact Hotline (+84) 903.093.221 or at Kosmos Vietnam Fanpage.

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