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Is the termite warranty laminate flooring really termite resistant?

The question "is the termite warranty wood floor really anti-termite" is ironic but reflects the current situation. There are many types of laminate flooring that are not resistant to termites but still have the usual termite warranty, what makes the supplier so defiant?


The attractiveness of wood floors with termite warranty

Wood is the main food source for termites. Therefore, a wooden floor with a termite warranty is what users are always looking for. They believe that these products have good termite resistance, saving maintenance - maintenance - replacement costs for themselves. These items have high consumption, bringing huge profits to suppliers.

Laminate flooring has a termite warranty policy that attracts a lot of attention.
Laminate flooring has a termite warranty policy that attracts a lot of attention.

The difference between termite warranty and anti-termite wood flooring

Wood flooring with termite warranty , and termite resistant wooden floor are two completely different concepts. A wood floor that is resistant to termites will of course have a termite warranty policy for users. But, termite-warranted wood floors are not necessarily resistant to termites. If you are still confused about this information, please refer to the detailed information below!

What is termite warranty?

Wood flooring with termite warranty Laminate flooring is only termite warranty but not termite resistant. Of course, this product will be different from a truly termite-resistant wooden floor, especially when installed in a humid area. They are vulnerable to termites and are very quick to cost us extra money to replace.

The termite warranty policy is still valid for this type of floor, but only promoted once. If the condition recurs, you cannot apply the policy again.

Wood floors with termite warranty are still at risk of being easily attacked by termites.
Wood floors with termite warranty are still at risk of being easily attacked by termites.

The cost of a one-time termite warranty has nothing to do with the profit on the sale of this item. This is the reason why many wood flooring suppliers "deliberately" add a termite warranty policy.

What is termite resistant laminate flooring?

Anti-termite wooden floor Wood floors are not susceptible to termites. This ability can be caused by the wood core, the production formula or the machinery and technology. Whatever it is, it gives the floor superior termite resistance. Of course, this product still has a termite warranty policy to keep users' rights against unnecessary risks.

Journey to discover termite nests in wooden floor warehouse.

In particular, termites can only have a slight impact on next to hem, the thinnest weakest part on this product line. They cannot affect the entire floorboard, reducing all damage to a minimum.


Where to buy really anti-termite laminate flooring?

The best anti-termite wood flooring today comes from Malaysia or Germany. Wherever you are, just find these 2 items, you can be assured of the product's features.

  • The termite resistance of German laminate flooring comes from advanced technology. German production machinery lines are recognized as the best today. They continuously improve the machine with many exclusive production formulas laminate flooring Duc has many impressive features, including anti-termite.
  • The termite resistance of Malaysian laminate flooring comes from the input wood source. This country is famous for many tropical woody plants, which are less susceptible to termites because of their hardiness and good moisture tolerance. However, on the market today, there are many fake Malaysian wood flooring products, so you have to be very careful.
Test of termite resistance of laminate flooring.
Test of termite resistance of laminate flooring.

today, Kosmos Vietnam warehouse are distributing 2 lines of anti-termite wood floors which are Egger Aqua (German wood flooring with a lifetime warranty) and Robina (Malaysia laminate flooring with 15-year termite warranty). With more than 10 years of operation in the field of distribution of laminate flooring, Kosmos Vietnam is the most prestigious wood flooring supplier today.

The article made it clear how wood floor termite warranty and their difference with anti-termite wood floors. Hope this knowledge is useful to you. If you still have many questions that need to be answered in more depth, you can call the hotline (+84) 903 093 221, the customer service department of Kosmos Vietnam will quickly support you.

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