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Water-resistant wooden floors – Perfect choice for wet areas

Water-resistant wooden floors is one of the outstanding wood flooring lines with good waterproofing ability, bringing great user experiences. Please follow the following article of Kosmos to better understand the waterproof wooden floor!


What is water-resistant wood flooring?

Water-resistant wooden floors This is a type of wooden floor that uses advanced waterproof technology. They are water resistant for up to hundreds of thousands of hours without affecting quality or aesthetic value.

Thanks to its good water resistance, this type of wood flooring is widely used for areas with high humidity. Typically kitchen areas, toilets, etc., ensure long-term durability and easy cleaning.


What's special about water-resistant laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring Are they water resistant and what makes them stand out is a question asked by many users today. In fact, there are only a few specific lines of laminate flooring that are water resistant. The most prominent feature of this product line is the following special structural layers:

  • Balanced paper grade: Helps stabilize laminate flooring and prevent moisture from under the floor. Contributes to increase the durability of wooden floors.
  • Wood core layer: Produced from quality wood trees with good moisture resistance, effective termite resistance.
  • Decorative paper layer: Produced under German SchattDecor printing technology to create beautiful wood grain patterns.
  • Surface protection layer: Constructed from aluminum oxide (Al2O3) for increased bearing capacity and effective scratch resistance.

They will be tightly bonded together through advanced compression technology. Contributes to increased moisture resistance and minimizes warping and shrinking in wooden floors.

The structural layers of laminate flooring are subjected to modern production technology
The structural layers of laminate flooring are subjected to modern production technology

Why should you use waterproof laminate flooring?

Waterproof wooden floors are considered by users to be quality wooden floors and are recommended because they bring many of the following benefits:

  • Increase the durability of the floor: Made from materials with good water resistance and effective termite and impact resistance, waterproof laminate flooring helps prevent water penetration, reducing the risk of mold. At the same time, they also help prevent floor scratches due to collisions or falling furniture, contributing to the durability of the floor.
  • Family health protection: This type of wooden floor will help to keep the living space clean and dry. This factor is very important for families with elderly people and children. Besides, this type of floor also prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, etc., keeping the indoor air always fresh, thereby protecting the health of all family members.
  • Easy to clean: Because it is made of high-strength, scratch-resistant, and good-strength materials, water-resistant wooden floors will not warp or shrink. From there, cleaning will also be easier, and at the same time, ensure the aesthetics of the floor is always as clean as new.

4 criteria for evaluating good water-resistant wooden floors

Currently, there are many ways to evaluate whether wooden floors are water resistant or not. Below are popular criteria that readers may be interested in:

Wood core

Wood core is an important factor to help evaluate the quality and durability of wooden floors. Currently, there are 3 popular types of industrial wood core: MFC, MDF, HDF. In particular, HDF wood core is the type with the best water resistance, swelling is also lower than the other types of wood.

Therefore, when choosing water-resistant laminate flooring, you should consider choosing HDF-reinforced laminate flooring. To ensure good water resistance as well as increase the durability of the floor.

Surface treatment technology

This is an important factor affecting the ability to protect wooden floors. When applying surface treatment technology, wooden floors will be equipped with a protective layer. This layer has anti-scratch function and contributes to increased water resistance. Good water-resistant wooden floors will have European standard surface treatment technology.

Lock technology

Installing a locking system is a way to help connect floor panels together through negative and positive joints. The cleaning process will make the wort susceptible soaked in water. Therefore, current locking systems are equipped with candle wax, which helps increase water resistance and durability of the floor.

Moisture-resistant balanced bottom layer

A good quality wooden floor is not only water resistant at the surface, but also has moisture resistant features for the bottom surface. Manufacturers are now equipped with a moisture-resistant balanced bottom layer for laminate flooring to improve quality, prevent moisture from the floor to the floor. Please check this criterion to choose a quality product.


Top 3 best water-resistant wood flooring brands today

If you are looking for quality wooden flooring with good water resistance, please refer to the wooden flooring brands below.

Egger Aqua Laminate Flooring – The most popular water-resistant wooden floor

Egger Aqua Wood Flooring was born by Egger Group, a prestigious wood flooring brand from Europe. This is one of the most popular waterproof laminate flooring brands today.

The product stands out with its 1000-hour water-resistance feature, applying modern Aqua technology. Along with that is the tightly pressed HDF wood core, which is extremely waterproof, ensuring the requirements for quality and durability. Besides, the solid wood core, minimizing water resistance, anti-termite, ... suitable for areas with high humidity such as kitchen areas, toilets, ...

On the other hand, Egger Aqua laminate flooring also achieves the safety certifications of laminate flooring such as:

E1, CARB P2, Quatest 3, etc. This line of wooden floors is also equipped with a 4V system, making cleaning, installation and maintenance easier. With many highlights, it is not too difficult to understand when Egger Aqua has become the first choice of consumers today.

Egger Aqua wooden floor - Outstanding water-resistant wooden floor
Egger Aqua Laminate Flooring – Outstanding water-resistant wooden floor

Robina Aqua wooden floor – Termite-resistant, water-resistant wooden floors in Malaysia

Robina Aqua is also one of the best waterproof laminate flooring brands available today. The product stands out for its 72-hour water-locking ability and extremely impressive termite resistance.

High quality, stable HDF wood core has raised the bar Robina Aqua wood floor. This natural material has helped the wooden floor have good waterproofing ability, and the product is less susceptible to termites.

Accompanied by a VEPS locking system, the wooden floor is superior in surface water resistance and quick to install. The decorative film on the Robina Aqua water-resistant wooden floor is applied advanced German technology to produce a variety of models and colors. Users can use this wooden floor in all different areas with many design styles from modern to classic.

Robina Aqua wooden floor - Good water-resistant wooden floor chosen by many families
Robina Aqua Laminate Flooring – Good waterproof laminate flooring is chosen by many families

Thaixin wooden floor - Wooden floor resistant to green juice

Thaixin is green core wood flooring Imported from Thailand with 200-hour water resistance, suitable for Vietnam's climate. Besides, the floor has many European-style wood grain patterns, which is popular with many consumers.

Produced in Vanachai Group Famous in Thailand, Thaixin wooden flooring has superior quality than other products in the same segment. The floor has good bearing capacity, is not easily scratched, is rarely attacked by termites and does not appear to warp or shrink.

Thaixin is water-resistant green core wood flooring imported from Thailand.
Thaixin is water-resistant green core wood flooring imported from Thailand.

How to choose super water-resistant wooden floors for users

Want to use super waterproof laminate flooring but don't know how to choose the right product? Here's how to choose a quality, water-resistant laminate floor for you.

Based on product information

The first experience that many users apply today is to review product information. The information about the origin, water resistance, product thickness is suitable as well as other specifications will help users choose quality products.

For example, Robina Aqua laminate flooring is imported from Malaysia, Egger Aqua laminate flooring is imported directly from Germany, etc. These are all quality and genuine product information that you can refer to.

Based on actual testing

The most accurate way to choose quality waterproof laminate flooring is to do a physical inspection. You can learn the quality and outstanding features of the product through experiments provided by distributors.

For example, through experiments How to test super water-resistant wood floors in 3 minutes, you will see the long-term water resistance of the product. To better understand the experiment related to water-resistant laminate flooring or other experiments related to the quality of laminate flooring, you can learn through the videos that Kosmos has posted on Youtube.

Test to test the water resistance of wooden floors within 3 minutes.


Instructions for properly cleaning water-resistant wooden floors to avoid water damage

In order for the wooden floor to be effective against water and difficult to be damaged, first we need to install the wooden floor properly. Construction of water-resistant laminate flooring from the inside out, using a rubber hammer for quick installation and helping the yin and yang to be tight together. Proper construction will make wooden floors stronger, more durable and more water resistant.

In case the floor is flooded within the specified time and the wooden floor is still within the warranty period. Please contact the construction and installation unit for quick support. The construction team will proceed to dismantle the wooden floor. Then, let them dry for 5 days and you can use the wooden floor like new again.

The article has shared with readers information about Water-resistant wooden floors. This is a prominent line of wooden flooring that is loved by many users because of its long-term durability, water resistance, and extremely good termite resistance. If you read more questions about waterproof wooden floors, please contact us immediately Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company or contact here .

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